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JUL 2018

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Editor's Note 6 July 2018 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor In an era of rampant disruption, beauty store businesses need to become master shape- shifters. Shape-Shi ing in the Time of Disruption I am thrilled that Beauty Store Business is the very first Creative Age Publications (CAP) magazine to feature Deborah Carver–our founder, CEO and beauty industry icon–on its cover! After nearly 50 years, it's time. It took being named the 2018 City of Hope Spirit of Life honoree for her to agree. Carver is planning a soiree to remember for this year's Spirit of Life gala called "Hope Is in Your Hands" on Saturday night, July 28, during Cosmoprof North America (CPNA). Our reporter, Tracy Morin, captures all the details as well as Carver's exuberance, business savvy and heartfelt commitment to supporting City of Hope in our cover story starting on p. 48. It's a fun and informative read! Interestingly, as we dug through files to find original magazine covers and images to use in the story, it gave us pause to reflect on how much the beauty industry has changed over time–and how CAP has changed along with it. For example, CAP has evolved from being a single platform publisher distributing only printed maga- zines to the multi-platform publisher it is today, delivering content through a number of media channels–print, digital and social. Especially in recent years, CAP has had to become a shape-shifter–agile and able to change, as needed, in order to remain relevant and stay competitive in this dynamic industry. Similarly, in an era of rampant disruption, beauty store businesses need to become master shape-shifters. One of our news stories reports that Target has implemented an online app that allows consumers to "try on" makeup virtually. And one of our feature stories ("Does Your Store Have Insta- Appeal?") documents how beauty retail stores are winning with Gen Z and millennials by offering the Instagram-popular beauty brands they like. These are "shifts" other retailers are making to win over customers. What shape-shifting changes are you making to your business? On the subject of changing shape, the Eastern Buying Conference (EBC) committee made the decision to end the show on the East Coast–and merge it with the Western Buying Conference in Las Vegas, starting January 2019. We were glad to be present at the 35th and final show held in New Jersey in April. Be sure to catch the EBC photos on p. 10. We will report details about the newly merged show as they become available. With CPNA 2018 now just weeks away, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the idea of walking the show with over 35,000 other attendees or deciding which of the 1,300 exhibitors to see. Be sure to read CPNA marketing director Daniela Ciocan's tips for show success on p. 58–and our preview of products to launch at the show starting on p. 62. As Ciocan suggests, planning ahead makes all the difference. That's a peek of what's inside. There's much more, of course. May the products you see and stories you read help inspire some shape-shifting in your business. I look forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas! ■

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