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JUL 2018

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60 July 2018 | "Korean beauty is still huge–they are still innovating in terms of the formulations and marketing." Ingredient-driven products are big, especially in skin care. Similary, look for ingredient stories from cosmetic brands. "Consumers want to know they are safe." Organic, green and natural brands will continue to be big. "I know it's because consumers are so involved and concerned about what they are putting in their bodies and on their bodies." "Men's grooming is still growing." TRENDS TO WATCH From Daniela Ciocan 1 Visit the Special Areas "Is your interest multicultural? Is it green/natural? Is it very tiny brands? Is it finding masstige or prestige products for retail? Depending on your interest, visit the special area and check it out," Daniela Ciocan suggests. Ciocan and her team personally review every single product that applies to exhibit in these sections–and they evaluate them thoroughly. The special areas feature exciting, innovative brands–for retailers, distributors and professional salons/spas to discover–that are either new to the U.S. market or currently have a limited retail footprint. Here are several key special areas not to be missed: Discover Beauty: Hidden gems from around the globe Discover Beauty Spotlights: Smaller brands for high-end retail Discover Green: Green, eco-friendly, clean, organic and/or natural products Discover Green Leaf: Green/natural brands targeting the green spa market Discover Scents: Niche fragrance brands Tones of Beauty: Products dedicated to the evolving shades and types of beauty of the multicultural consumer Discover Pro Beauty: High-end professional products for salons The Beauty Vanities: New this year, Beauty Vanities features promising brands that are just coming to market and have fewer than 10 SKUs 2 Take Advantage of Discounts "If you are a member of an association, check with them to see if they offer any special deals when it comes to a ticket to attend the show," Ciocan suggests. For example, PBA members receive 50 percent off the show ticket. Discounts are also available for special events and paid education. If you are a Beauty Store Business reader, use our code BEAUTYSB and receive 50 percent off your show ticket! "Exhibitors are entitled to a certain number of VIP tickets. Be sure to use them–give them to your VIP customers for free entrance to the show," says Eric Horn. Exhibitors may offer free admission to 5 qualified VIP guests. Additionally, the Preferred Rate E-Card program grants each exhibitor the ability to offer their best customers a 50 percent discount on regular priced CPNA tickets via e-mail. There is no cost to the exhibitor! 3 Use Both Ciocan and Horn highly recommend that attendees and exhibitors use the online "matchmaking" database at prior to the show. "Pre-planning is always key," Ciocan says. The online system facilitates exhibitor-attendee networking prior to the show and includes appointment scheduling and itinerary creation tools. You can also utilize the downloadable Cosmoprof mobile app, which gives attendees access to the show map and booth numbers. For attendees, Ciocan says, "You can look at the entire universe of exhibitors–almost 1,300 companies that come to exhibit." Horn urges exhibitors to take advantage of the appointment feature in the app to book appointments with buyers and distributors. "As an exhibitor, you can see who is registered–and you can reach out to up to 50 buyers and/or distributors to request a meeting," he says. 4 Attend the Welcome Reception "We have the welcome reception on the Saturday evening before the show. It's a great way to network before the show even starts. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but we will have a special guest to make a surprise! It will be a very fun reception," teases Ciocan. The event serves complimentary hors d'oeuvres and offers a cash bar. The reception is on Saturday, July 28, 6:30 p.m.–8 p.m. 5 Visit Beaut-E Zone Be sure to visit the Beaut-E Zone lounge, located on the showroom floor. It will house several leading online publications (Fashionista, Buzzfeed and several others to be announced) who will be covering trends from around the world–and posting daily wrap-ups online. Here, exhibitors can also meet beauty influencers (with 50,000 to 2 million social media followers) who will be covering the event and ranking the best in class for face, body, hair, nail and color each day in CPNA's Daily Best in Beauty. Horn notes that these are just a couple of marketing opportunities for exhibitors; there are many more. "Read everything we send out. We send out so much information detailing free marketing opportunities," he says. Courtesy of Cosmoprof North America The Discover Green special area Beaut-E Zone at CPNA 2017

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