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JUL 2018

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56 July 2018 | on the dinner committee. "The very first tour I ever went on at City of Hope, they took us to the pediatric section, and I literally passed out," Carver recalls, tearing up at the memory. "Seeing these kids suffering and seeing the care they were getting, I just wanted to do more." Still, Carver never expected to be honored with the Spirit of Life Award. "I've worked hard on many campaigns and can remember thinking how profound it was to be the honoree–these people were big shots, with plaques on the walls of the hospital and accolades from the industry, and I really never looked at myself that way," she explains. "Besides, only manufacturers and distributors and reps were considered, so I never imagined in my wildest dreams I could be honored as a publisher. Then I was asked, and I said no, because at the time, I didn't know if I had the support to make it work. They've asked me three, four, five times, but I respectfully declined. Harlan Kirschner [The Kirschner Group CEO and past honoree] finally con- vinced me by telling me I was getting too damn old and I'd better say yes this time!" Uniquely, Carver has a certain advantage that she's hoping to leverage into a ripple effect for City of Hope in the future. With reach into every conceivable corner of the industry, she hopes to bring fresh blood into the organization by asking a multitude of new prospects to get involved. "I'm getting a lot of support, people are buying tables and donating, and I think in the future that'll continue to benefit City of Hope," Carver says. "Once they see the good work City of Hope does, I think they'll stay involved. After all, this is the charity of choice for the beauty industry, and we all know somebody who has been affected by cancer. If everyone just gave $5, it would help to find a cure." That is Carver's hopeful vision. ■ Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. "The very first tour I ever went on at City of Hope, they took us to the pediatric section, and I literally passed out. Seeing these kids suffering and seeing the care they were getting, I just wanted to do more." Deborah Carver and cancer survivor/thriver Caitlin Herron at the City of Hope tour luncheon. ADVICE FOR BEAUTY RETAILERS A "Don't be afraid of Amazon. There's room for everybody. It goes back to the customer experience; the customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Amazon may be the best experience for transaction—but it can't deliver the in-store experience a beauty retailer can." A "Take the customers who already love you and get them to buy more! Manage your existing customer base. But you need to follow the fundamentals of everyone else in the beauty industry, which means reaching your customer wherever he/she is— whether that's through email, any of the social media platforms or traditional methods of marketing." THOUGHTS ON THE FUTURE A "The beauty industry has no barriers to entry, although it clearly has barriers to success. The entrepreneurial spirit of beauty is a force of innovation, and its product development is constant. Those who can continue to reinvent themselves will succeed." GUIDING PRINCIPLES IN BUSINESS A "Don't think so much about what to do; just proceed. That's how I was able to start so many magazines. I didn't spend a lot of money researching a magazine idea or having focus groups— I just started a magazine—and, fortunately, it worked." A "Be yourself. People in business can often be formal or stiff. I'm myself all of the time. I'm just me, and I like to have fun—people respond to that." A "You always have to tell your clients the truth, no matter how difficult it is." A "Be likable. Have fun. When I first started out, I innately understood that business is all about relationships. Would you rather do business with someone kind and fun or someone dour?" BUSINESS ADVICE FROM DEBORAH CARVER Cory Sorensen

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