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54 July 2018 | my friends, which didn't happen in the medical industry. In beauty, there were music and parties; it was so different, and I just loved it–I still do. To this day, my best friends come from this industry." Carver fondly recalls one of her first beauty trade shows in NAILPRO's early days, a nails-only show in Hollywood, California, run by Jack Sperling and attended by fellow nail industry upstart Essie Weingarten. "When Essie picked up the toilet seat in her hotel room, she saw a live crab–Jack Sperling had put it there!" Carver says. "That night, Essie went to Jack's room and put cornflakes in his bed. That was the first time I'd met all these people–and remember, I'm coming from the medical industry. I thought, 'What a crazy, fun industry to be in.'" Carver credits the industry for intro- ducing her to her best friend Lois Christie, former president of Intercoiffure and owner of Christie & Co Salon in New York. "I met Lois at a beauty event. In those days I always wore a hat, 4-inch heels (as if I weren't tall enough) and dressed to the nines. And so did Lois! We chatted about Beauty Launchpad becoming the official publication of Intercoiffure," Carver recalls. They have been best friends ever since. Sharing a meal and having fun are two ways Carver connects with clients. In fact, she has blended her love of entertaining with business. Many of her colleagues and business connections have spent time on her boat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "We love taking people out whale watching, preparing delicious food and, of course, stirring up some mischief!" Carver says. And many have enjoyed dinners at her home in Los Angeles. "There's something that happens when you get people outside of the office. We all relax and just get to know one another and have fun. Lasting friendships form naturally. And we inevitably end up working together in ways that mutually support our businesses. It's just the way it works," Carver explains. As for her own unlikely journey from receptionist to media mogul, she admits her success is part pure luck, a pinch of research and a lot of full-steam-ahead persistence. "It takes a little bit of seeing into the future. I'm like an idiot savant in a way," she laughs. "I understand publishing. I really get it. I could wake up every day and start a magazine. Many magazines are having difficulty, no doubt about it, but there will always be room for something people can touch and feel, even with the rise of digital media." With years of experience comes a certain wisdom, which Carver uses to guide a publishing powerhouse that continues to introduce new pubs at an impressive clip. In recent years, for example, Eye Lash, MAN and consumer publication Nail It! joined CAP's roster. Even as Carver remains laser-focused on growth, she also admits that her once-fiery temper has considerably mellowed. "I was a nervous wreck all the time. I wanted exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it," she says with a grin. "I'm a much calmer, kinder human being today–but business-wise, I've always believed in doing the right thing. That's in my blood; it comes from my father. And I believe if you do the right thing, it always comes back to you." THE SPIRIT OF GIVING This year, Carver's good work will come back around in a big way as she is honored with the prestigious Spirit of Life Award from City of Hope. She has been involved with the life-changing organization for more than two decades: publishing ads in her magazines to help raise money through its events, drumming up donations, acting as an industry co-chair and working This year's Spirit of Life Award gala, to be held during Cosmoprof North America on July 28 in Las Vegas, promises to be a star-studded and glamorous affair as Creative Age Publications CEO Deborah Carver accepts the prestigious award. "We are going to have the party of par- ties," she promises. "My goal this year is to make this event fun; we don't want anything old-hat or something that's a chore to attend. That's my goal, to make it a party. And anyone who knows me knows I know how to throw a party!" Though she remains tight-lipped on many details, Carver teases a takeoff of Truman Capote's "Party of the Century"—his famous Black and White Ball—with many celebratory surprises around that theme. (One preview: A very special surprise guest DJ will kick off the post-dinner party!) GEARING UP FOR THE GALA LOOKING FORWARD—CAP IS NOW A MULTIPLATFORM PUBLISHER Over nearly three decades, Deborah Carver has certainly seen the beauty biz through a host of changes—and her publishing company is no exception. Here, she shares how Creative Age Publications (CAP) has evolved. "In this digital age, CAP has successfully evolved from a traditional publisher to a multiplatform publisher. We have really prestigious brands and brand equity—and we are delivering unique content to the professional beauty industry, whether that is in print, email, video, social posts, branded content or a three-second Boomerang. And that is in every beauty segment! "As media has changed, I realized that we needed to be able to deliver content to whomever, wherever or however our readership of beauty professionals and business owners is consuming content. And our content must be designed specifically for the platform it's delivered on. "In 2015, Jeff Black joined our team as vice president of digital, and he is now our chief operating officer. He's done a brilliant job expanding our digital reach. His team works every day to discover new and inventive ways to deliver our unique content through our social channels to increase engagement and bring greater value to our advertisers." HOPE IS IN YOUR HANDS Attend the Spirit of Life Gala, Support City of Hope! JULY 28, 2018 Award Reception 7–8 p.m. Award Dinner 8–10 p.m. Mandalay Bay Convention Center • Las Vegas To purchase tickets to the Spirit of Life gala, visit If you are unable to attend and wish to make a donation, visit

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