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66 December 2017 | From Top Left: Image Source, lambada, Tetra Images, Michael Block, JGI/Jamie Grill, cyano66, Maskot 2018 Uncommon HOLIDAY CALENDAR JANUARY 1/8 Bubble Bath Day: On a cold winter's night, there's no better warm-up than a relaxing soak in the tub—and the bubblier, the better. Make a splash with an inviting display of your favorite sudsy scented bath soaps, salts and gels. 1/15 Hat Day: Hats come in handy in all types of weather, but no one wants hat hair! Help cap lovers keep their hair from falling flat with a selection of dry shampoos, styling products and accessories that give hair a volume boost. FEBRUARY Weddings Month: Love is in the air as busy brides and grooms prepare for summer ceremonies. After a wedding makeup or hair consultation, offer lovebirds a free gift, such as a honeymoon getaway kit, complete with travel-sized sunscreen and massage oil. 2/2 Wear Red Day: Created to promote women's heart health, this fashion-forward Friday is the perfect blend of style and sub- stance. Showcase a selection of red accessories and nail polishes, and consider making a donation to the American Heart Association. 2/19 Lash Day: Luscious lashes never fall out of favor. Pump up the volume with eye-catching displays featuring mascaras, lash primers and falsie favorites. Don't forget to include eyelash curlers, too. MARCH 3/6 Dress Day: From formal gowns to simple shifts, there is a perfect dress for every occasion. Pull together everything she needs to feel fabulously feminine in her favorite dress: shaving products, body shimmer, fashion accessories and even a bold lip color. 3/21 Fragrance Day: To help pair customers with the perfect personal scent, offer an attractive one-day sale on all fragrance purchases. Set up an in-store fragrance sampling bar, featuring a variety of alluring options for both men and women. 3/31 Prom Day: For this fancy formal, teens care just as much about their hair as what they wear. Invite prom goers to take advantage of a special salon discount for styling, cuts and blowouts. Be sure to promote dance-friendly hairspray, too! APRIL 4/11 Pet Day: Ask your customers to bring pictures of their pretty pets to the register to receive a special giveaway. Showcase a section of cruelty-free beauty products that animal lovers can feel good about, as well. 4/22 Earth Day: This annual celebration of our home planet is a natural time to focus on beauty brands devoted to organic, sustainable ingredients and eco- friendly practices. Make sure to emphasize product efficacy, too. 4/28 Superhero Day: Get kids into the act with a family-friendly selection of super bath products, hair detanglers, child-safe nail polishes and more. Offer face-painting and other activities for costumed kiddos while their parents shop. 4/30 Hairstylist Appreciation Day: Looking for a way to thank those stylists who are a cut above the rest? Pamper your professional customers with an all-day discount on styling irons, clippers, blow dryers and other salon essentials. JULY 7/5 National Bikini Day: Surf's up! Raffle off a beach bag with supplies for a day of fun in the sun. Include hair accessories, sunscreen, lip balm and salt spray for those perfect beach waves. 7/20 Lipstick Day: Tempt customers to try a bold new lip color by offering a buy-one-get-one- free special when they come in for their signature shade. Make sure to draw attention to your full lip-care range, including liners, pencils, balms and scrubs. 7/25 Wine and Cheese Day: Could there be a more perfect excuse for an in-store soiree? Invite a vendor to teach pro beauty tips while guests sip and snack on red, white and brie. AUGUST 8/6 Fresh Breath Day: Everyone knows you're never fully dressed without a smile. Celebrate those pearly whites and the fresh breath that goes with them by promoting a variety of teeth whiteners, mouthwashes, mints and specialty toothpastes. 8/17 I Love My Feet Day: Smack in the middle of sandal season, this holiday is a great reminder to keep heels and toes pampered, smooth and soft. Point your customers to your pedicure services and products like exfoliating creams and lotions. SEPTEMBER 9/19 Talk Like a Pirate Day: "Arrg"-uably the most famous uncommon holiday, this landlubber's celebration offers endless creative possibilities, including costume contests, giveaways and even scavenger hunts. Remember, X marks the beauty spot! 9/30 Mud Pack Day: Designed to help detoxify the skin, the mud mask has long been a facial must. Encourage your customers to sit back and relax—either in your salon or at home—and indulge themselves with beauty treatments. OCTOBER 10/10 Handbag Day: Get creative with cute displays showing ideal travel-sized items spilling from purses, gym bags, backpacks or cosmetic kits. Mirror compacts, lipsticks, mini mascara wands and makeup removers are just the beginning. 10/18 No Beard Day: Just in time for Movember, this hairless holiday requires barber-worthy supplies. Design a display just for the guys that includes classic razor options, shaving brushes and after-shave balms for a smooth finish. 10/22 Color Day: Encourage customers to come in for a color consultation to find the perfect makeup shades or vivid hair dye. Showcase foundations, blush, eyeshadows, lipsticks and dyes that complement every skin tone. NOVEMBER Movember: This mustache-growing movement to promote men's health gets bigger every year. Stock a ready selection of mustache combs, waxes and beard oils to help participants stay stylish all month long. Healthy Skin Month: Remind your customers that skin needs extra pampering in the winter months. Create a display of moisturizers, hand creams and lip balms that soothe and soften winter skin. 11/5 Love Your Red Hair Day: Attract redheads of every hue by promoting professional color services or at-home hair dye products. Don't forget to feature color-safe shampoos and conditioners that offer long-lasting results. 11/24 Small Business Saturday: It pays to prep for this special Thanksgiving weekend shopping day. Entice local customers with storewide sales and a generous selection of stocking stuffers, gift sets and other holiday must-haves. DECEMBER 12/18 Free Shipping Day: Your online customers can breathe easier knowing that their purchases are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve. Free shipping makes the holiday shopping experience all the sweeter! ■ MAY Better Sleep Month: Encourage customers to get their beauty rest with a special section featuring aromatherapy products, satin pillowcases, nighttime facial treatments and calming bath and body products. On social media, compile a soothing lullaby playlist to help customers catch those Z's. 5/9 Teacher Appreciation Day: Many schools stretch this celebration into a whole week of thank-you gifts for hardworking teachers. Make this week easy on parents by displaying a variety of personal gift ideas, such as hand cream, scented candles and even gift certificates to your store. 5/26 Don't Fry Day: Just in time for summer, remind your custom- ers about the importance of daily sun protection. Make a beachy, seasonal display featuring a selec- tion of sunscreens, protective lip balms and SPF skin care for both kids and adults. JUNE 6/1 Nail Polish Day: Brush up on the latest colors and nailart trends for an in-store mani/pedi party. Offer discounts on your nail salon services, or put together a perfect DIY section, complete with tools, accessories and colorful polishes for mani mavens of every skill level. 6/8 Best Friends Day: Encourage customers to bring in a friend for a special two-for-one giveaway. Treat besties to a discounted spa day for two, or offer a double gift with purchase, such as matching cosmetic bags. 6/21 Selfie Day: Boost your online presence in a flash by host- ing a themed selfie contest on your Instagram account—no filters required! Give participants even more reasons to smile with photo-friendly prizes such as foundations, brow kits and eyeshadows. 6/23 Hydration Day: For a summer thirst quencher, offer chilled water dressed up with watermelon or cucumber slices. Remind customers to replenish sun-soaked skin with facial toners, tinted moisturizers, hydrating sunscreens and complexion- restoring treatments. Dedicated to ordinary pleasures, from bubble baths to lipstick, these unusual national observances can make just about any day beautiful. Invite your customers to celebrate these lesser-known holidays by offering irresistible giveaways, activities and discounts throughout the year.

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