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DEC 2017

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54 December 2017 | company in 2018, getting Kevin and Van- essa more involved with upper manage- ment and daily operations while he takes a backseat. With family businesses being a rarity these days, Dean says, "I really feel a family operation allows the legacy to continue, giving the next generation a running start and the opportunity to spread their wings." In addition to expanding the distri- bution of new products released this year (Jatai Heat Shields, Jatai Teasing Pin Comb and Feather Standard Blades R-Type), 2018's emphasis will be on adapting to an ever-changing market. "A greater focus on selling direct will come into play, which means we will more heavily draw our attention to building online sales," Vanessa says. Kevin agrees, saying, "E-commerce is playing a larger and larger role in distri- bution. It offers a great opportunity, but it creates challenges for brick-and-mortar distribution. Navigating between those two distribution channels will be very important for our future." Dean says the company wouldn't be what it is today without the ongoing encouragement of his wife Gloria. "With- out her understanding and support, it would have been difficult for me to advance the company. We have four children, so she was constantly taking care of them while I was on the road selling or staying late at the office, doing what I had to do. She is a big part of why we're here today." Optimistic about the future of the company, Dean says, "If you're passionate about what you believe in, those bumps in the road are just bumps, and you'll continue and succeed. It may not be in dollars, it may not be in the fashion you thought, but you know you'll succeed as far as you can go." ■ Get Connected! @jataifeather, @jataifeather The Jatai Academy offers beauty professionals the opportunity to learn from the best. Established three years ago, the Jatai Academy provides free educational resources to stylists and barbers on shear cutting techniques to achieve styles like bobs, long layers and men's cuts using Jatai products. You'll even find videos with marketing and business-building tips from skilled educators. "Many hair professionals we've talked to expressed they are afraid to use a razor in the hair; some say they would like to learn, but just haven't; others say our products are too expensive. So, we created the Academy to break these barriers," says Vanessa Wada, in charge of Jatai's marketing and product development. "When people know how to use our products, they won't feel afraid to use them. They will see their value and this will hopefully justify the price. You are paying for the quality, dependability, consistency of product and customer service to make sure customers don't have to worry about their tool." For more information, visit ff f CUTTING CLASS JUMBO28 JUMBO13 16" x 28" and 13" x 13" B A R B E R TOWELS 800 627 5839

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