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NOV 2017

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54 November 2017 | ith 29 years of experience under her belt as a licensed cosmetologist and more than 23 years as the owner of a salon suite, Mina Scumaci, the founder and CEO of Scumaci International, knows the ins and outs of the beauty industry well. Scumaci also knows that if she was unsatisfied while using tra- ditional Velcro hair rollers on her clients—which snag hair, cause static and collect lint—then other stylists and consumers must be having the same difficulties, too. Her solution to robust, voluminous curls came when she married boar bristles with a longer, 4-inch barrel to create The Original ClassiCurl Roller. Let's take a look to see how she plans to (literally) make waves in the industry with a product that delivers smoother, healthier curls for a salon-style blowout at home. Beauty Store Business: When did your passion for beauty begin? Mina Scumaci: My passion for beauty started at a young age and carried on into high school. Most girls want to look pretty, and I would experiment on my (brave) friends' hair. I would try to cut their hair the way my stylist cut mine! With trial and error came my love for beauty. What inspired you to create The Original ClassiCurl Roller? I had never been happy with traditional rollers found in the market; they didn't stay secured in my hair well, and when I took them out, my hair would always get caught on the plastic edges. Over the last several years I noticed that a lot of stylists were using brushes to set hair. They are heavy and uncomfortable for our clients, and expensive for us stylists to buy (it usually takes about a dozen to fill a head). Also, if a stylist wanted to carry several different diameters of brushes, they would need a lot of storage space. I wanted to figure out a solution to these problems, which is why I developed The Original ClassiCurl Roller and founded Scumaci International in October 2015. How are these rollers unique compared to others on the market? These rollers are unique because of the combina- tion of the 100-percent boar bristles and the 1.5-inch longer barrel. The 100-percent boar bristles are naturally healthier for the hair and provide a stronger grip; they smooth the hair cuticle while creating volume and shine. The ClassiCurl rollers create a "finished look" with convenience, efficiency and a longer-lasting hold. These patented rollers also support the recent sky- rocketing growth in the blow-dry salon market. They are lighter in weight than brushes, are cost-effective, use less storage space and are easier to manage. My clients are happy using my ClassiCurl rollers because many have expressed their frustrations with using a round brush and not being able to duplicate their salon blowout at home. What was the development process like? Working with an engineer, we needed to develop a prototype. Extensive research revealed that boar bristles are not harvested or sold in the U.S. In an effort to cre- ate the prototype, we used bristles from a boar brush I owned. Once I had a working prototype, my search to find a manufacturer had begun. Through my professional network, I was able to do so, and I was thrilled when I was finally able to place my first order. What are some of your long-term goals for the future? My goal is to expand the ClassiCurl brand to include complementary styling agents so women and cosme- tologists can enhance the styles they create using our ClassiCurl rollers. What are some of your career highlights? I had an amazing opportunity to showcase my brand at one of the largest beauty trade shows in the world, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), in Las Vegas this past July. I applied for the coveted Discover Beauty Executive Q&A Mina Scumaci Scumaci International's CEO and founder, Mina Scumaci, has reinvented the roller. Here's how she did it—and her big plans for the future. Courtesy of Scumaci International, photography by G. Thomas Ward "If you don't know the answer to something, find somebody that does." The Original ClassiCurl Roller is available in six sizes, ranging from 1.25- to 3-inch barrels.

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