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NOV 2017

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4 November 2017 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor For a mere $5, the price of a latte, we can all afford the chance to save a life. Natural Disasters, Generosity & Vivids s we send our November issue to press, September is coming to a close and fall is setting in (yes, even here in California). Contemplating November, the start of the holiday season and Thanksgiving, I feel really grateful to be alive and not battling a natural disas- ter! The close of summer has been filled with them. Destructive hurricanes, multiple earthquakes, wildfires—you name it. Yet, when nature is fierce, it brings people together—and we often witness heroic and generous acts of kindness. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the beauty industry acted swiftly. In particular, the Professional Beauty Association's Disaster Relief Fund was available to salon profes- sionals in need. Manufacturers, salons and individuals donated and 100 percent of those funds went directly to beauty industry professionals, providing quick cash for short-term, immediate needs such as clothing, food, bills and more for those affected. I can only imagine what it felt like for those beauty professionals to have immediate support from the industry. We greatly appreciate the PBA for initiating the fund, soliciting the industry for donations and facilitating the aid to those in need— and of course, all those who donated. Speaking of gratitude and apprecia- tion, if you are looking for a worthy way to give back, consider a fundraising effort to support the City of Hope, led by our founder and CEO, Deborah Carver, who has been chosen as the Spirit of Life 2018 Honoree. Because so many people are affected by cancer, Carver has designated the proceeds to go directly to funding cutting-edge cancer research at the City of Hope. The effort simply asks donors to text $5 or more. That's it! The City of Hope is at the forefront of cancer research and cures, extending and saving the lives of cancer sufferers every day. For a mere $5, the price of latte, we can all afford the chance to save a life. You can give right now. See page 10 for the full anouncement and details about how to donate. On the subject of gratitude, we are thrilled to feature Tish and Snooky Bellomo, the founders of Manic Panic, on our cover (see p. 28). We all have this sister duo to thank for the widespread acceptance of today's vivids. Both the Manic Panic boutique and the brand's hair dye were born out of the New York punk scene 40 years ago, when colored hair was seen as a serious act of rebellion and those daring enough to don this form of self expression were largely shunned by society. Being an '80s teen myself, I remember well how my LA punk rocker friends would excitedly shop for their Manic Panic technicolor hair dye from a popular punk store called NaNa in Santa Monica. Who would have imagined that vivids would remain expres- sive, but be almost as commonplace as wearing a colorful piece of clothing? Beauty pioneers impact our culture. ■ EditorÕs Note

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