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NOV 2017

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20 November 2017 | dima_sidelnikov, istockphoto collection Our guide to business-boosting hair removal products your customers will love. T o tackle unwanted patches of hair or single strays, everyone has a favorite method. Over the years, grooming staples such as tweezers and razors have been joined by at-home waxing strips and even electric hair-removing tools that offer professional results. Salon-based waxing services are also in steady demand, which is good news for retailers stocking professional hair removal products. In fact, the personal waxing and nail salon industry grew 6.7 percent annually between 2011 and 2016, according to IBISWorld, a New York-based market research firm. The staying power of professional waxing all comes down to long-term results, according to Lori Nestore, founder of Berodin, a professional wax brand based in San Leandro, California. Where stubble tends to rebound in just a day or two after a shave, she notes, professional waxing leaves the area hair-free for up to two weeks. "The beauty of waxing is that with regular sessions, the need to wax decreases," Nestore says. "With regular waxing, hair will grow in a steady cycle, and grow weaker, which means you can go a longer time between appointments." Of course, today's hair-removal category offers a variety of products for both salon and home use. Whether your customer is a professional esthetician looking for a wax warmer or a consumer searching for the perfect pair of tweezers, eliminate confusion by providing a dedicated hair removal section or display in your store. "Create an area that is specially related to hair removal products, making it easier to see the assortment," Nestore advises. Since hair removal preferences are varied and diverse, we've presented a number of great hair removal products here to help serve the needs of your customers. —Ann H. Carlson

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