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NOV 2017

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16 November 2017 | Though today Ardell is synonymous with superior, top-selling lashes, the world-famous brand enjoyed a humble start. It was founded in 1971 by hus- band-and-wife duo Arnie and Sydell Miller (founders of Matrix Essentials in 1980), who combined letters from their first names to create not only a new label but a fresh way of looking at faux fibers. PAVING THE WAY By the early '70s, fashion lashes had already been popular for many years. In 1916, movie director D.W. Griffith decided that actress Seena Owen, the star of his groundbreaking silent film, Intolerance, required elongated lashes that "brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life." He called on an inventive wigmaker, who wove strands of human hair through tiny strips of gauze, and then glued those grafts to Owen's eyes with spirit gum. Her lids swelled nearly shut a few days later— but not before she made a beautiful bang onscreen. By the 1930s artificial lashes were all the rage, paving the way for '60s icon Twiggy to sport dramatic falsies on both her upper and lower lids. Ardell tapped into that zeitgeist— then took things one step further—by creating a lash style for every lady. Suddenly there existed accent pieces for those who only wanted to plump, add volume or fill in sparse space. Double Up lashes packed twice the number of fibers for vixens longing to be mega-glam. LUCK OF THE DRAW When Zvi Ryzman, owner and president of professional cosmetics manufacturer American International Industries, bought Ardell in 1984, the brand boasted a col- lection of 25 styles. Today there are over 100, yet beloved favorites like Duralash Individual Flares, the original model, still sell briskly, which says something about the company's continuing allure. It also speaks to Ryzman's character. He's a rare sort of entrepreneur: forward- facing, yet one for whom the past holds merit. The former rabbi originally emi- grated from Israel to the U.S. to attend business school. By 1973, he and a friend were in a closeout business when Presi- dent Nixon devalued the dollar. Unable to import merchandise, the partners were forced to close shop. "We were left with a bunch of Korean-made eyelashes," Ryzman says. "We couldn't figure out what to do with them, so we flipped a coin—and I ended up with the lash stockpile." Ever ingenious, Ryzman soon started selling to small beauty-supply stores, and later bought three lash companies. "When I purchased Ardell from my friend Arnie, I promised to one day expand his small corporation into a major line of cosmetics," he reveals. "It took longer than expected, and I'm not getting any younger, but I've kept my word." EYES ON THE PRIZE Ardell Beauty debuted on June 1, 2017, with five hero products available exclu- sively at Sally Beauty. Here, again, the partnership honors a longstanding histori- cal relationship. Ardell and Sally have been together since the '80s. Back when the "When I purchased Ardell from my friend Arnie, I promised to one day expand his small corporation into a major line of cosmetics … I've kept my word." –Zvi Ryzman BEHIND THE SCENES An inside look at the elements that define Ardell Beauty. • The woman: She's daring, bold and brimming with confidence. Her essence is beauty combined with brains. The Ardell lady is an ambitious goal-setter, confident in her unique talents. Her keen sense of humor makes her able to laugh at all things—including herself. She's comfortable in her skin. She embraces her individual beauty, playing up her assets while never obsessing over flaws, happy instead to be "imperfectly perfect." • The colors: Black anchors the look, in a mix of matte and shiny textures. This sophisticated ebony base lands in line with the style of the Ardell woman. Sultry pops of crimson (in Pearl Red and Metallic Red) capture attention on premium mascara boxes and other components. Dashes of silver foil infuse elegance, with accents on the packaging and font treatments. • The font: Created especially for Ardell Beauty, the "Lipstick on the Mirror" font was inspired by the confident woman who doesn't think twice before grabbing the red gloss from her purse to scroll a sexy love note on the mirror. Whimsical messages are likewise found on the inside lids of mascara boxes and sides of packaging and palettes. Brushed hearts are playfully featured, adding extra love to hero offerings. • The names: Fun and provocative monikers like Splash Party Waterproof Mascara and In Her Prime Eyeshadow Primer pull double duty by simultaneously hinting at each product's features and benefits. Zvi Ryzman, CEO of American International Industries Ardell Beauty's fi ve hero offerings include Double Up Mascara, Eyeresistible Shadow Stick, Hydra Lipstick, Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen and Wispies Mascara

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