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OCT 2017

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36 October 2017 | customized for the store. … Satisfy the different categories, from head to feet; that increases your chances of being successful." But perhaps the company's most per- sonal relations form when asking users for their input. "For a recent product, we sent 50 samples to consumers for feedback; then we take that input and modify accord- ingly," Osman says. "Over our years in the business, we've met so many stylists, store employees and owners. We person- ally deliver the product with only its name and usage directions, and then we'll send someone to get feedback in person or ask a list of detailed questions on a phone call." Osman insists that OKAY Pure Naturals doesn't have a specific target demographic; and with an international reach, the com- pany finds pockets of success around the world for different formulas. For example, henna-based products thrive in India, but they're also a hit with Indian expats who live in the States. "That's been the joy of our company: I'm most proud that we're able to offer something for everybody, and we don't depend on any single customer for our business," Osman says. "I remember when we were smaller, there were always a few customers who would make up the bulk of our business, but now we're spread among so many mar- kets, we don't have a slow season." There's proof in the company's num- bers, which have steadily increased each year since inception; its worst year, Osman reports, logged 25-percent growth. "We've been able to bring in more retailers every year, and we have very big things happening with some major retailers in the year ahead," he says. "We've grown a great reputation and respect for our brand. We started from nothing, and I believe this com- pany will be worth well over $1 billion one day. I know we'll be one of the big brands out there." Meanwhile, the Mithavayanis are seeking stronger bonds with stores, including a focus on customized marketing materials according to retailers' needs. For example, beauty supply stores can obtain printing and installation of any necessary graphics, from signage to stands. Recently, Walmart wanted to revamp its footcare section and tapped OKAY for inspiration, leading to a new look now in development. Osman says, "We want to give unique, independent service to each store, to create some- thing specific for them … We have great leaders, and we have the passion that consistently drives us to the next level." ■ Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. Get Connected! @okaypurenaturals @okaypurenaturals @okaypurenatural @okaypurenatural "Satisfy the different categories, from head to feet; that increases your chances of being successful." –Osman Mithavayani

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