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MAY 2017

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6 May 2017 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor The ability to adapt to change is what ensures survival— especially in retailing. THE BEAUTY OF CHANGE hange is on our minds here at Beauty Store Business, and I mean that in the broadest sense. As I sit down to write this note, it is the first day of spring—and the hills of Los Angeles are alive with green! Southern Califor- nia has actually experienced a winter this year with loads of rain not seen since 2005. The abundant rain has literally transformed the landscape of the city. Wildflowers are blooming, birds are sing- ing and the air has a fresh, lively quality to it. It's a wonderful, obvious change that has occurred before our eyes—and a reminder of the constant change inherent in life and business. It's fitting that our May issue happens to be largely about change in our industry. Starting with our cover story featuring Luis Alvarez, the dynamic and accomplished new leader of BaBylissPRO (Conair's freshly restructured professional division), we highlight the exciting changes happening in one of our beauty industry's most iconic corpora- tions. You don't want to miss this story starting on page 30. We as humans tend to rail against change even if it is in our best interest. Yet, the ability to adapt to change is what ensures survival—especially in retailing. While technology provides ease and con- venience in the way we do business, it's challenging to stay informed and ahead of the trends and they can be costly to implement. But the most successful retailers stay informed and use the latest technology to stay competitive and thrive. Be sure to catch our article "The Future of Beauty Retailing," starting on page 20 to see what technology is rolling out in beauty retailing now and in the near future. You'll want to know what's ahead! One great way to determine what kind of changes you may need to make to your retail operation is to look at what your competitors are doing successfully. In "Shopping the Compeition," starting on page 62, busisness management expert Steven Stovall, PhD, provides you with smart stretegies for making the most of this practice. Who knows? You may discover a solution to a difficult problem. Of course, with each new season comes new products; be sure to peruse our excit- ing buyers guides for the hottest products for eyes and lips, as well as our guide to shampoos and conditioners to help you build your store's inventory. Lastly, we have also experienced change here at Beauty Store Business. The very bright and talented Karen Wil- helmsen has joined our team as our new managing editor. She was a natural choice with her strong magazine editor experi- ence and more than a year of writing outstanding stories and guides for our publication. We're excited to have her on board! And we want to thank our former managing editor, Breanna Armstrong, for breathing fresh life into the magazine with her dedicated service, passion and vision. We wish her the very best. Here's to navigating change—and reaping its benefits! ■ EditorÕs Note

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