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MAY 2017

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36 May 2017 | he says. "More and more, people are going to beauty stores to pick up not only tools and products, but information on the tools and products they use." This shift also requires a recalibration from manufacturers like Conair, that are accustomed to communicating with salon owners and employees but now must make those communications available to every individual. For the BabylisPRO brands, social media plays a large role in spreading the word, while videos sold at shows make information accessible to all. "Thankfully, technology has leveled the playing field to where you can deliver to one person as easily as to a hundred, but we have to rethink how we deliver education—thinking about the indepen- dent as much as the mega-salon," Alvarez explains. "They're both legitimate custom- ers and represent two important segments of the professional population." To meet the ever-changing demands of those customers, BaBylissPRO plans an aggressive schedule of launches, both tools and liquids, for 2017— almost twice the amount of products than released in 2016. "The lifeblood of our industry is new products as trends change and consumers look for new ways of doing their hair differently," Alvarez notes. For example, bright hair colors have evolved from messy, quick- fade pigments to long-lasting formulas. Flat irons are constantly evolving to improve plate technology and minimize hair damage. Conair's pro division even recently concluded a study with Brown University, using its Rapido Blow Dryer, which boasts an airflow so powerful it displaces water without as much heat, causing virtually no damage. Ultimately, Alvarez believes, for today's beauty buyers, time is money—an age-old concept to be sure, but more relevant now than ever. Customers seek the in-and-out experience (witness, for example, the rise of the blowout bar), and stylists want to maximize their income. "That's why we're constantly looking for ways to speed up the process, get clients out the door more quickly," Alvarez says. "Everything we're focusing on revolves around that trend, such as speeding up the drying or color process without damage. That's job No. 1 right now: for appliances, liquid and color to achieve results faster than ever before while maintaining the integrity and health of the hair. And by investing in a higher-end tool or product, professionals make their money back in no time." Following his own goals for BaByliss- PRO, Alvarez believes that a beauty store's most important point of differentiation can lie in providing access to information for customers. It's not just about snagging a product—customers love access to web- based videos or TV screens in-store to learn more. Staff needn't even know the ins and outs of every product stocked; sim- ply leading customers to those resources on the spot can make the difference in sales. "Once stores make themselves a resource not just for products, but on how to use those products, they'll see sales increase exponentially," Alvarez advises. "Some people know what they want, but if they're not sure, they might not even know what's available to them—even if they're standing in front of the shelf. If you can start providing them that information by pointing them to social media or a website, that's huge. It's a massive paradigm shift, and stores that are well-equipped to do it go beyond just a sales center, to a true resource of knowledge." ■ Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. Get Connected! @conairbeauty @conairbeauty @conair MOISTURE SHAMPOO 1. ALL HAIR TYPES 2. SULFATE FREE 3. PARABEN FREE 4. 100% VEGAN 5. 72% ORGANIC moisture shampoo 8.5 FL. OZ. ( 250 mL ) m m m o i s t tu r e s h a 8 8. .5 5 5 F L. O Z . ( U R E MPO O O R TY PES TE FRE E A ABEN FREE E 0% VEGAN N 2% O RGANI NIC COLOR-TRUE CONDITIONER 1. ALL HAIR TYPES 2. SULFATE FREE 3. PARABEN FREE 4. 100% VEGAN 5. 72% ORGANIC color-true conditioner 8.5 FL. OZ. ( 250 mL ) co o l o r -tr r u e c o 8.5 5 FL . OZ. ( -TRU E DITIO NE NE E R R R TYPES TE FRE E ABEN FREE 0% VEGAN 2% O RGANIC MOISTURE SHAMPOO COLOR-TRUE CONDITIONER BIODEGRADABLE 100% GOOD SULFATE FREE + P + COMPLETELY COLOR SAFE + ULTRA LOW PH 4.5 — 5.5 + MULTIFRUIT COMPLEX + PRODEW 500 BHT FREE, PHTHALATE FREE, A RICH BILLOWY LATHER THAT CLEANS FRESH WITHOUT REMOVING 1 DROP OF YOUR PRECIOUS COLOR IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A CITRUS FUSION BLEND OF MOISTURE + HYDRATION + COLOR PROTECTION Exclusively formulated botanical fragrance Safe for use on all hair types Doubles great as a hair and all over body wash SIMPL SULFATE FREE + P + COMPLETELY COLOR SAFE + UL UREA FREE, PHTHALATE FREE, THIS EXCLUSIVE FORMULA DETANGLES AND MOISTURIZES ALL TYPES OF HAIR LEAVES HAIR FEELING LIGHT AND FRESH WITH AMAZING SHINE EXCELLENT FOR DAILY USE AS WELL AS A DEEP WEEKLY TREATMENT Will preserve your hair color Leave in or rinse out 877-598-3993/

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