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MAY 2017

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26 May 2017 | ANALYTICS Analytics tools, whether via mobile, kiosk or some other means, equip retail- ers with the information they need to draw customers back to their stores again and again. "Having a tool that constantly captures customer feedback, while simultaneously creating deeper customer connections is important for beauty brands focused on driving repeat purchase and long-term customer loyalty," says Alex Vlasto, vice president of marketing for StellaService, which offers Stella Connect, a tool that enables brands to collect real-time feed- back from customer interactions. Stella Connect gathers customer information via feedback requests that are triggered by phone, email or live interactions with customers. "Subjective insights from customer feedback, for example, can be used to help develop training pro- grams for front-line team members," adds Vlasto. RetailNext, an in-store analytics pro- vider, uses Interior Analytics to show retailers what areas of the store cus- tomers are most drawn to and track the percentage of people who walk by a fixture or area and dwell there. "We can also map SKUs to fixtures and get dwell conversion, which is the number of times a SKU is purchased divided by the number of times someone dwelled at the SKU's location. This can point out opportunities with the product." This type of information helps retailers determine which products to dedicate limited "real estate" to, adds one of RetailNext's directors of retail consult- ing, Lauren Bitar. THE EVOLUTION OF BEAUTY RETAILING Today's beauty consumer is in constant interaction with technology, via a mobile phone, laptop computer or another con- nected device. She relies on its con- venience and immediate gratification. And she depends on it for the expansive information it offers her. All of its "smart" features save her time, money and energy. And retail technologies offer her those same benefits. They enhance her shopping experience. Beauty retailers are no longer competing for just product RetailNext's in-store analytics provides retailers with valuable information determining how customers engage with their stores. "Having a tool that constantly captures customer feedback is important for beauty brands focused on driving repeat purchase and long-term customer loyalty." Alex Vlasto, Vice President of Marketing for StellaService INTRODUCING + A GREAT BARBER SHAVE EVERYTIME! '19 WAHL HOT LATHER MACHINE CONNECT WITH WAHL + EASY PRE-MIXED LIQUID LATHER

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