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SEP 2016

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62 September 2016 | Duffy notes that the market has grown for Bulldog and that it's an inter- national brand. "If you take a market like Korea, skin care will account for a 70% share of all of men's grooming. In the United Kingdom, it's 16% and in the United States, it's 7%—so around the world there's sort of a variety in the development of skin care. But I think what's consistent in the three markets— whether they're at the beginning or in the development of the market or at the end—is that it's all very advanced." He adds that men are increasingly engaging with their skincare regimens and are looking to buy products for them- selves where historically they might let someone else in the household make those purchases for them. Customers are taking control of the products they use and are more sophisticated than in years past in regards to understanding overall skin care and protecting the skin from irritating chemicals and from sun damage. LOOKING BACK AND LOOKING AHEAD What have been the cornerstones of Duffy's success? He humbly recounts his years at Oxford University and being surrounded by "very clever people, people much cleverer than myself that I got a sense of ambition from that environment." His time at Saatchi & Saatchi gave him confidence to believe in his ideas and promote unique ones. Ferrier and Duffy's "fantastic team at Bulldog makes me really proud of the culture of the organi- zation we've built." He relishes traveling around the world to witness Bulldog's efficacy and success—from Korea to Thailand and Australia to America as well as his native United Kingdom. As for the future? Duffy explains, "I would like for Bulldog to be a massive brand around the world and to achieve scale—it would be great to have a Bull- dog in every bathroom! That's not to dis- respect any of the bigger companies but I'd like to think we could grow in a very positive, ethical way so that we would be able to look back one day and say we grew something amazing in terms of scale but we also did it in the right way, and that's very important." ■ Katie O'Reilly is a Wilmington, NC-based freelance writer. WHAT'S IN A NAME? Simon Duffy explains, "Well, the idea behind the name is that a dog is man's best friend and I think the idea for Bulldog [in particular] is all of the positive traits the breed brings, such as loyalty, tenaciousness, being a friend in need and being a great companion." Get Connected! @BulldogSkincare @bulldogskincare Website: "It's become a lot more socially and professionally acceptable to sport a beard and even stubble."

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