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50 September 2016 | With quality being held to an increasingly higher standard by consumers looking for topnotch solutions, it's no surprise a growing segment of the beauty market is geared toward pharmaceutical-grade skincare products. To cater to an ever- increasing demand, CEO Adolfo Bejarano created Xtetic World, Inc., a distribution company providing aesthetic solutions for industry professionals that range from plastic surgeons and dermatologists to medical spas and aestheticians. Combining the traits of several compa- nies into one, Bejarano's idea for Xtetic was to create a one-stop shop for businesses. "The vision of Xtetic was to create a brand that integrates all aesthetic aspects of a business under one roof—from manufac- turing to brand management to services to the main component, education. Each business unit is correlated with each other. It's about building a brand clients love and trust because the education and the qual- ity is there," says Bejarano. Bejarano's business savvy began at a young age, when he used to sacrifice days on the playground spent with the other kids for helping his grandfather do inventory at a clothing store and earning pennies. By age 12, he had his own paper route—his first taste of what it'd be like to have this own business. "The reality is that my business experi- ence has always been hands on," he says. "Every job I have had has contributed to the business journey I am on today." Over 16 years ago, Bejarano's wife was helping her sister manage the distribution of a skincare line. "Given my business experience, I always dabbled into their business, including getting treatments done. Given my passion for business and the love I felt for this industry, it was like love at first sight: sexy, always evolving and competitive. My wife and I contacted a manufacturer of these products and started representing their brand in the U.S., Canada and Colombia." Launched in 2002, Xtetic's focus is on quality and education for spas and salons. "I believe that the market is saturated with product that is not backed by science. I find it difficult for the aesthetic professional to choose wisely due to price," he says. A CUT ABOVE THE REST Pharmaceutical-grade skin care is first and foremost all about quality. "The aesthetic professionals, who have more of a global mindset or want to offer something dif- ferent than the competition, understand that products from Europe are superior in quality and have more in-depth science," Bejarano says. "Europe and Latin America have a culture of skin care that is second to none. Okay, maybe the Japanese… however, even the Japanese worship the European skincare lines. When salons offer different products that are more efficient, the results are evident; they can capitalize not just on the immediate profit but on the customer returning." For Xtetic, education is of the utmost importance, even for staff members in the warehouse, who are also required to learn about the products. With a state-of-the-art, 4,000-square-foot training center devoted to instructing clients, Bejarano says that the Xtetic events are dedicated to concen- trating on what customers struggle with most, "such as a particular skin condition or the launch of a new innovative product that they will benefit from." Xtetic hosts 24 workshops at its North Hollywood headquarters, with an addi- tional eight to 10 more conducted outside of California. "Our education is becoming a destination facility for many aesthetic professionals," he says. "We have clients coming from Boston, New York, Miami, Houston, etc. The events are educational, fun and dynamic. They are either hosted by our clinical educator or we bring medical directors to teach, depending on the topic." Bejarano says that his company's global mindset and innovative solutions set it apart from the rest. "Our customers trust us and ask for guidance. Our team members are high energy and hardworking individuals that are passionate about the industry and believe in what we do. We offer real aesthetic solutions," he says. If you're a beauty retailer looking to place noninvasive pre- and post-treatment products in your store, Bejarano says it's a good idea because customers are becom- ing more knowledgeable about all the options on the market with so much infor- mation is available at their fingertips. "The market is also moving in a direc- tion where treatments are becoming less invasive and safer," he says. "With the right guidance, and the right protocols, some noninvasive treatments can be sold retail." ■ Breanna Armstrong is managing editor of Beauty Store Business. Images courtesy of Xtetic Adolfo Bejarano, CEO of Xtetic World, Inc. Xtetic Academy classroom Get Connected! @Adolfo9999 and @xteticworld Xtetic World Website: Phone: 818.432.9500 XTETIC'S MENU Xtetic distributes several brands including Innoaesthetics. Dark Spot Eraser: For a more vibrant complexion, smoother skin and a more even skin tone, your customers can try the topical Dark Eraser Cream, which contains potent ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid and arbutin, to improve the look of their dark spots, fine wrinkles or superficial pigmentations. Lightening Cream: Your customers' solution to treat photoaging, fine wrinkles and superficial pigmentations, the Lightening Cream is filled with vitamin A, salycilic acid, phytic acid and lactic acid for a powerful formula that truly works. f f l f l Bio C: With active ingredients like lactobionic acid, mandelic acid, hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid and vitamin A, Bio C is skin's best friend because it helps ward off the early signs of aging by brightening, evening out skin tone and adding extra luminosity. Soft-Fill: An intense topical treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, Soft-Fill will provide powerful rehydration (because it contains potent humectants) and enhance luminosity—for firmer, more elastic and smoother skin. w "With the right guidance, and the right protocols, some noninvasive treatments can be sold retail." Ð Adolfo Bejarano XTETIC WORLD, INC.

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