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SEP 2016

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38 September 2016 | effects leave for a camera-ready canvas," Caradanian says. WHAT A GIRL WANTS Creating her own brand has helped Caradanian not only have a better under- standing of what her clients want but also how important a flawless face is to a person's overall look. "I realized how much my clients desired that 'perfect skin' finish, from those with acne to those with naturally great skin," she says. "Creating a universal foundation was an absolute missing staple in the beauty industry, and it [has] since highly helped many artists and consumers by being such an easy-to-use product." After her foundations became a hit, Caradanian continued to focus on face products in an effort to become a brand known for their outstanding cosmetics for skin. "After the launch of my foundations, I decided to focus on flawless skin, creating a dry shimmer oil that enhances a beautiful and natural glow, while nourishing the skin at the same time," she says. "We still have a few products set to release this year that are considered 'skin enhancers' and are geared toward creating a flawless complexion with an easy-to-use application," Caradanian says. "As an artist first and brand-owner second, this has tremendously aided me in my personal product development. Based on my history, it is exactly how I am developing staple products in my line—introducing the world to what I feel and believe are must-haves for them, and to simplify their routine." SOCIAL-MEDIA MOGUL The future is bright for Elcie Cosmetics, as we'll be seeing two product launches this year as well as many additions down the road. Though Elcie is known for its remark- able foundations, be on the lookout as the company branches out with a wide range of beauty items. "My goal is to create a full line, including all aspects of beauty and makeup," Caradanian says. While some of the exciting projects to come are still under wraps, Caradanian was able to reveal two secrets: "We do have lots of great products that are coming—some that I can and some that I can't mention. But for now, I can offi- cially release the upcoming launch of two new products in late summer/early fall: a face primer and a hydrating facial-setting spray. We will have more details surfac- ing on our social media soon," she says. Elcie fans can follow the compa- ny's social media pages for the latest updates. Caradanian also knows the importance of staying connected to her consumers, who she credits as helping mold her vision into what it is today. "Social media is a game changer and a whole world of its own," she says. "I cannot express my love for social media and how it helped shape my brand. Consumer feed- back, influencers and photos are so crucial to the growth and development of a brand that I can honestly say I don't know how some brands do it without these platforms. Social media definitely helped us grow and continues to do so. From Instagram to YouTube, each platform is unique on its own and carries its own audience within it. It's the place we release information first and extend exclusive specials to our loyal followers. It's a great place to connect, expand and get creative." ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA. Get Connected! @ElcieCosmetics & @MakeUpbyLilit @ElcieCosmetics & @MakeUpbyLilit Elcie Cosmetics & MakeUpbyLilit Website: For More Information, please visit or call us at 1.813.903.0434 PERFECTING BEAUTIFUL HAIR For your customers looking to repair and protect overworked hair.

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