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16 September 2016 | The technology also gives them access to purer ingredients because they don't have to worry about toxins or chemicals sneaking in from an outside source." As one of the first physicians to formu- late products using plant stem cells, Gary has shared his findings by writing arti- cles for the foundation, highlighting his research. His son Robert also writes and collects exotic ingredients for the organi- zation. "Our work with Life Extension has catapulted key discoveries in naturally based topical treatments to address our common skin concerns," Robert says. GLOBAL TAKEOVER Achieving an astounding 40% year-over- year growth since its launch due to a very strategic business model, "We are working hard to continue on that fast track for this fiscal year and into next," Lauren says. To do this, Goldfaden MD will be expanding their Plant Profusion line and core collection later this year. The company also plans to grow on an international scale, and will be introduced to Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand—all by the end of this year. "On the business side, our rate of rapid growth is extremely exciting, and I am very proud of our team," Gary says. "I'd like to see us continue to grow as a globally recognized brand and remain the leader and best-in-class range within the category that we have uniquely chartered: prestigious natural skin care formulated by a dermatologist," Roberts says. "The next chapter is about continuing this suc- cess but on a larger scale, with the right support at retail, maximizing opportunities for greatest visibility and expansion here in the United States and globally." ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA. Get Connected! @goldfadenmd @goldfadenmd Website: A FAMILY AFFAIR The Goldfadens discus t it's lik orking together as business partners. • Robert Goldfaden: "Each member of our leadership lives this brand in an authentic manner and approaches the business with passion, integrity, experience and vision. There are so many benefits to working in a close family business—chief among them being trust and agility. Having control of the business and easy access to one another allows for fast critical- decision making with an implicit shared mission that has the best interest of the business at heart." • Lisa Goldfaden: "The beauty of being part of our compact team is that we have the same goal in mind—but four different backgrounds and experiences to pull from. I could not be more grateful for working with my family. There is always a sense of safety that allows each of us to go out on ledge and know that, no matter what, we have each other's back. Having the same goals with the same possibility to fail allows this team to have laser-like focus." • Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden: "Being able to share in the same passion, drive and dedication with my family is truly remarkable. As a team, we've formed an unbreakable bond, and it makes us quite powerful in ways I had never experienced in the larger corporate setting." • Gary Goldfaden: "It has been wonderful and rewarding to watch my children grow and build our company. I learn from them every day, and I am honored they share my passion and vision." 5 Color Prepare 5 Scalp Therapy 5 Miracle Repair 5 Color Correction 5 Malibu Blondes ® 5 Curl Partner 5 Hard Water 5 Swimmers HAIR SOLUTIONS MALIBU C ® 1.800.622.7332 | Global Problem Solving Without: Gluten, Parabens and Sulfates wellness beauty collection

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