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14 September 2016 | change and transform through the way of dermatological practices of enhancing the way in which our skin appears has touched me so much and is what keeps me motivated on a daily basis." GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS Many of the skincare products Gary has formulated were inspired by problems he commonly treated in-office, while others were conceived specifically for family members at first—and would later grow to become the cornerstones of the Gold- faden MD brand. "[What later became the Doctor's Scrub] was known as a 'magic scrub' and all of our friends would take some when they were over at our house," Robert says. "From a personal standpoint, it greatly helped me as I suffered from blemish-prone skin; so it worked won- ders to help clear up my complexion. But it was the formula that made it so unique and a true standout product. Thirty-five- plus years later, Doctor's Scrub makes up approximately 25% of overall sales and attracts a huge variety of customers, from ages 16 to 70 and older, includ- ing discerning A-list celebrities, such as Kate Hudson, who credits it as a staple in her red-carpet beauty regimen." Vice president of sales Lauren Wolk- Goldfaden was also a fan of the [fam- ily's skincare formulations] before the company was created. She says, "When I first met my husband, Rob, he handed me this exfoliator in a lab-sample jar and said, 'Would you try this? I am thinking about starting a skincare brand, and this would be our lead product.' I, of course, instantly fell in love (first with the scrub, and later with him), and I saw the potential for an entire dermatologist-developed natural skincare brand, since this simply did not exist in the marketplace." Gary even created the product Vital Boost for Lauren and Lisa, who both couldn't find an effective moisturizer suit- able for their skin types. "Many of our products were birthed out of a necessity or suggestion from us," Lisa says. Though Robert began his profes- sional career in investment banking, he aspired to pursue his entrepreneurial passion, which was to fully develop the skincare concepts his father created into a retail brand, he says. "I had seen him really help people in his dermatology practice, and I had always felt I wanted to be a part of that in some way," Robert says. "Even years later, I was getting bombarded with calls from old friends in desperate need of the scrub. I knew there was a need for quality skincare products, and that I had access to some- thing really special." Lisa joined the family business full-time in 2006, after working in the education department at The Paley Center for Media. "I wanted to share all I had learned from our father with the public. I was mostly fueled by the fact that there really wasn't much natural skin care available on a retail level. We were so used to using products from his practice that he created, that when friends would ask me what I used and where to purchase it, I would have to get it for them," she says. Lauren joined the company over eight years ago, spearheading Goldfaden MD's sales division. "We have been able to pen- etrate growth of the brand in over 250 retail doors, in over eight countries and a number of international distribution partners in just over two years of being in market. It is a huge accomplishment and a true testament to the long-standing power that this brand has with our consumers worldwide," she says. INNOVATION AT ITS FINEST Gary serves on the medical advisory board of the nonprofit The Life Extension Foundation, which aims to lengthen the healthy human's lifespan through scien- tific discovery for disease prevention and to reverse the aging process. His pas- sion for researching and discovering new ingredients is then translated into how he formulates Goldfaden MD's products. "We have been on the forefront of discovery with the advancement of cutting-edge natural ingredients," Gary says. "I have always been interested in the most innovative ingredients that I have found throughout travels, research and clinical experience. An example would be the topical use of plant stem cells. Plant stem cells are cultured in labs away from pollution and pesticides. This way, scientists have more control over the quality and quantity of whatever anti-aging substance the plant produces. ULTRA CLOSE FULL SIZE TRIMMING BLADE, IDEAL FOR OUTLINING CREATES ALL-OVER EVEN CUT WITH USE OF ATTACHMENT COMBS FULL HEAD BALDING FULL HEAD BALDING WAHL CLIPPER CORPORATION E

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