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AUG 2016

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82 August 2016 | Sheet in Clear Skin. Its natural oils and latex-based essence help to restore the skin's elasticity for a refreshed, brighter look. SRP: $4; 7. GEL CREAMS Hydrating and soothing, if oil-based creams aren't ideal for you or your cus- tomers' skin type, try switching to a gel cream. Many gel creams on the market contain the highly touted hyaluronic acid as an ingredient, and they are often water-based for a lightweight feel that works well even on oily skin. Gel creams dissolve quickly, won't clog your pores and can even make skin appear plumper. For a cooling feeling and maximum hydration, gel creams are the way to go. How to Try It: Primary Raw's waterless DoYou Azulene Gel Cream contains ingredients like bamboo sap, azulene (made from steamed chamomile flow- ers) and vitamin microbeads that soften the skin's texture. Just as bamboo sap retains water so that bamboo plants can grow tall, this gel cream helps retain the moisture for a hydrated feel to the touch. SRP: $46; 8. LIP TINTS For a low-maintenance lip color that will last all day, lip tints and stains are perfect for your customers. For a no-fuss look that doesn't require touchups and isn't as messy or sticky as lip gloss, try the lightweight formula of lip stains. American brands like Benefit, Urban Decay and Sephora have popularized lip stains in the U.S. after the trend made its way here from South Korea. How to Try It: For 24 hours of cover- age, Berrisom's Oops! My Lip Tint pro- vides bright, long-lasting color, available in eight different shades. Simply apply the tint, let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes, and peel it off to reveal a beautiful fin- ish that's long lasting. Berrisom's lip tints also contain collagen, vitamins, aloe extracts and hyaluronic acid to nourish lips. SRP: $18.02; 9. WATERLESS FORMULAS "There are two trends in 'waterless' cosmetics," Padgett says. "There's a trend in waterless formulas coming out of K Beauty, and there's a trend in waterless products—either in applica- tion or removable—which is coming out of a sustainability trend. You're seeing more wipe-off products that you don't have to rinse. The idea behind waterless cosmetics is that water dilutes, and K Beauty waterless products use quality ingredients geared towards hydrating and nourishing the skin." How to Try It: The DoYou Soy Milk Ferment Cleanse Toner from Primary Raw contains a water-free formula rich in natural ingredients like fermented soy beans, witch hazel and tea tree extract. Not only will it remove dirt from pores but it will minimize their appearance too, as hydrating hyaluronic acid and flower extracts act to keep the skin feeling supple. SRP: $35; 10. FERMENTED INGREDIENTS "A processing method that we were more familiar with in wine, cheese or even kim- chi, fermented skin care continues to take the beauty industry by storm," Lee says. "The fermentation process helps to break down ingredients for improved absorp- tion, creates an environment where less preservatives are needed and ultimately maximizes the potency of natural ingredi- ents. It is considered the next horizon in natural skin care as a powerful method for gentle yet effective skin care." How to Try It: "We were lucky to discover amazing fermented skincare from Whamisa, one of the pioneers of fermented cosmetics in Korea," Lee says. Infused with concentrated botanical extracts, Whamisa's Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner contains fermented natural ingredients for a 97.5% organic formula that's potent and deeply hydrating. SRP: $40; 11. HONEY "Honey is super humectant and has a lot of purifying properties," Padgett says. A natural skincare ingredient, an important factor to consider is if the honey was sourced sustainably. "It's important to know your brands, their philosophy and their missions because sustainability is what being green is all about. That's the future of natural—whether an ingredient is sus- tainable," she says. How to Try It: To moisturize rough and dry skin, grab Skinfood's Royal Honey Essential Queen's Cream. Aged to be more powerful and nutrient-rich, this cream will give your and your clients that glow everyone has been searching for. SRP: $19.53; 12. SNAIL MUCIN Don't let the slimy ingredient "snail enzymes" freak you out when you see it on a label. Using the same properties that a snail uses to heal itself from cuts, snail mucin, when applied to the skin, is hydrating, replenishing and induces cell regeneration to fade scars, correct hyperpigmentation, fight wrinkles and clear complexions. Though it may seem like an odd ingre- dient to American consumers, you can rest assured that snails aren't harmed in the process. In a lab, the secretion that snails leave behind is collected and then added to gels or sheet masks. How to Try It: TonyMoly, which has over 300 stores around the world, has contributed to the growth of K Beauty over- seas—with good reason. Their non-sticky Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel rejuve- nates damaged skin, soothes irritation and dryness, and contains an astounding 90% genuine snail mucus extract along with replenishing collagen and elastin. SRP: $13; ■ For more information on Paige Padgett and her book, visit To get the latest updates on natural K Beauty trends from founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang of Glow Recipe, visit Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA.

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