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AUG 2016

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74 August 2016 | Skincare Spotlight We launched our line on in July of 2014. It was an interesting oppor- tunity and initiative for QVC. This was an innovative strategy, and was less risky than on air. The long-term plan was always to go on air, and indeed we were successful enough online that I started going on air in April 2015. I imagine your media career prepared you well for being on-air at QVC. QVC on air is so so different from my TV/ media experience. First, I never had to sell anything on TV before; so this is a very different environment. Second, the pressure felt higher! I knew my partners were in the back rooms looking at com- puter screens showing them second by second what was working and what was not. I just told myself, to keep myself sane, that no matter what I did or said on air, I could not physically harm someone with this (versus doing a colonoscopy)! We were rewarded for our efforts— we won their [2015 QVC Customer Choice Beauty Award for Rising Star]! What is your best-selling product? Our Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a best seller, the first product we launched (and my personal favorite). The texture is wonderful, the ingredients are great, and it works for all skin types. I created this for women like me—busy women on the go. I like that this is a multi-tasking product. I want it simple. I want products that work, make my skin look better and are healthier. What new products are next on the horizon? We're working on launching two new products in the next couple of months: 1. Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum— targeted to women who are noticing deeper creases and wrinkles, and featur- ing higher concentrations of antiaging ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol. 2. Urban Defense Hydration Mist—a spray that is a game changer in the category. It is an anti-pollution and skin defender product that protects skin from environmental pollution. It is a pro-bacterial lotion. We are shifting the paradigm concerning anti-bacterial products to pro-bacterial products. What is your end goal with TULA? Your exit strategy? I started TULA as a skincare brand. But I envision it as a healthy-living brand. Next could be ingestibles, active-wear, organic sheets, etc.—anything that helps people live healthier lives. I am also working on a second book about what we can do throughout our lives to age gracefully, slow down the aging processes, and live healthier and better. You are a wife and mother of two. How do you do it all? Any words of advice for working moms? Tula means balance in Sanskrit—and bal- ance has always been something I am a big advocate of for women. It is one of the keys to being healthy. My best advice is to not try to do it all, not try to be perfect. I really pri- oritize my health and my mental health. Part of my mental health is being with my kids and enjoying that time. So, little things like not scheduling a meeting after 5:30 p.m.; not doing PTA stuff, so that I don't overcommit; and going to the gym every day are key for my own well-being. Remember to accept your limitations, accept help from others and don't try to do it all on your own. ■ Ada S. Polla is the president and CEO of Alchimie Forever. She is the co-creator of her family's Swiss-based skincare line, which she launched in the United States in 2004. Her skincare knowledge and business skills have yielded double-digit annual-revenue growth for the brand. She holds an MBA from Georgetown University and received a bachelor of arts degree from Harvard University. Dr. Raj &RPHVHHXV DW&RVPRSURI 1RUWK$PHULFD %RRWK 800.626.1921

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