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AUG 2016

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68 August 2016 | 1 Straighten product on store shelves. There are always shelves to straighten. Customers jostle bottles. Products end up in the wrong place after a customer changes her mind. New inventory arrives. These are all reasons why associates need to check every shelf. 2 Clean windows and doors. When are there NOT fingerprints on the doors and windows? A bottle of Windex and a towel can do wonders for improving first impressions. 3 Check the bathrooms. It's not the most glamorous task, but the restrooms, both public and private, should receive attention on a regular basis. This includes not only cleaning, but adequately stocking them as well. 4 Find Top 10 sellers. Print out a sales report and have associates determine the Top 10 items/brands sold in the last 30 days or quarter. Then, ask them why. What is the reason they think these are selling so well? Is it quality, the brand name and image, or price? 5 Find the bottom 10 sellers. Take the same approach, but iden- tify the worst-performing products. Why are these doing so poorly? Should you continue to offer them? 6 Clean the store shelves. This goes beyond just organizing the shelves. And it's also more than just wip- ing around boxes and bottles. Instead, have them physically remove items from the shelves and really scrub the shelves. 7 Update merchandising areas. If you have associates with a keen creative eye, consider giving them the task of creating new merchandising displays. Whether in the aisle, on end caps or in the window, keeping displays fresh will make your store more inviting. 8 Check corners for spiderwebs. Yep, it's a quick task; but one that often gets overlooked. 9 Clean POS screens. Wiping and sanitizing your POS screens, cash registers and TVs are important for not only keeping them clean, but hygienic as well. 10 Clean front counter. In addition to cleaning the POS screens, the entire front counter could probably use a good wipe-down. This is especially true if you have impulse purchase displays. Have associates remove everything off the counter and make the check-out area sparkle again. 11 Update holiday decorations. Taking down the old seasonal decorations and putting up the new is a task that is easy to delegate. Some employees actually enjoy this task, so give it to the ones who will delight in the spirit of sprucing up the store for the holiday. 12 Role-play suggestive selling. This is especially good for your newer associates. Role-playing is great training on increasing sales. You might say, "When a customer purchases this, you suggest …" Or, "A customer wants to know the best product for her hair, and you say …" These prompters keep the idea of suggestive selling at the forefront. 13 Clean breakroom/stockroom. If you have private areas for associates or inventory, it probably gets a bit jumbled or messy. As long as some- one remains out front to handle customers, sending an associate or two to clean and straighten up this area is a useful time-filler. 14 Process returns or damaged merchandise. Invariably, you'll have some returns or damaged products that need to be accounted for and pro- cessed. Getting these taken care of will keep your inventory system tidy. 15 Sweep sidewalk. Keeping your exterior clean and clear is important for customers' initial impressions of your store. Removing trash, sweeping away dirt and leaves, and general cleaning ensures that those impressions are positive ones. 16 Enter contact info into data- base. If you maintain a database wellness beauty collection 5Acne 5Aging Skin 5Blackheads 5Blemishes 5Combination Skin 5Dark Circles 5Dry Skin 5Eczema 5Fine Lines 5Puffy Eyes 5Insect Bites 5Oily Skin 5Poison Ivy/Oak 5Premature Aging 5Problematic Skin 5Rashes 5Whiteheads 5Wrinkles SKIN SOLUTIONS MALIBU C ® 1.800.622.7332 | Global Problem Solving Without: Gluten, Parabens and Sulfates

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