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58 August 2016 | styles with an iron until I really started to focus on it. I never said people are going to know me for my waves—it all just ended up happening after I started posting those pictures." With a concentration on bringing Old Hollywood glamour back onto the hair scene as trendy and new, Mustafa has realized that keeping looks simple yet extravagant all boils down to having the proper technique and finding the right muse. "Some people like messy looks; I'm the opposite. Even if it's full and big, I like [hairstyles] to look nice and proper. I'm more into classic, personally. I know the style by heart." And when it comes to timeless waves characteristic of the 1950s, one person epitomizes the look more than anyone else. "[When you think of classic waves], the first person that comes into your head is Marilyn Monroe. I have a giant poster [of her] in my salon. I'm one of her biggest fans and … I think about [her hairstyles] every day to create that soft, vintage effect that lasts throughout the night and is still gorgeous and full," Mustafa says. ONWARD AND UPWARD Though he's learned so much since his humble beginnings as a kid, Mustafa, who is 33, still seeks knowledge to keep devel- oping and perfecting his craft as trends change. To do this, he started organizing workshops for other hairdressers, where he teaches clients what he has learned over the last two decades—while has also led to him learning a thing or two about himself in the process. "I enjoy teaching much more [than styling]; I enjoy being in front of people; I like when people ask me questions. If you cannot teach something easily, I don't think you should be teaching other hairdressers. You have to teach a [dif- ficult] technique easily for other people to understand it and do it for themselves. To get the perfect bun or chignon, you can use a technique by putting the comb on top of the hair or under the hair … I want to give more confidence to other hairdressers and make them feel like they have much more knowledge about how to style hair when they leave," he says. While Mustafa teaches his advanced methods to others, he is also learning and practicing his skills at the same time. "I have a lot to learn, and I'm still learning as I'm teaching that everyone does things a little differently—and that inspires me. I can feel the love [from my clients] by the way they hug me after a class. They can't wait to go home and try the techniques that they learned," he says. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Making complicated styles more digestible and simpler to replicate motivates Mus- tafa, and has become one of the attributes he is best known for. "Creating techniques that makes it so simple for other hairdress- ers to do is what motivates me to push my limits and try hard to get that effect. Even though I don't show myself in my videos, they know that's the kind of work I've been doing. It's already getting people's atten- tion. That motivates me a lot more, when my styles reflect [me]." By demonstrating his classic wave styles to other stylists in the industry, Mustafa even developed easier ways others can duplicate his creations at home. "I've already been known for my Hollywood waves. Now people know me for my comb techniques that I've come up with, which we are teaching in the workshops. Now that I'm mixing them both together, vintage wave effects with combs, I teach people how to mix and match those looks with each other, to get more comfortable with creating an amazing piece of art." As a testament to how his style is constantly evolving, Mustafa finds ways to blend his talents together. He encour- ages you to find your best qualities and use them to your advantage. Whether you prefer styling beachy waves or cutting chic, angled bobs, putting your own twist on each artist creation will keep clients coming back to you for more. EVERLASTING STYLE On the horizon are big things for Mustafa, who plans to bring his passion for teach- ing full circle. "In a year, or two at the most, I'm going to open up the first academy that teaches only based on styling, and bring stylists like me from all around the world to my academy to teach a few times a year to benefit educators." From bridal styles to vintage, modern and avant-garde looks, Mustafa wants to inspire others on social media to keep innovating hairstyling alive—and to never get complacent with looks. "I want people to have a lot more interest in vintage styling and up-dos. I think the wave [for this trend] is moving towards this direction, and I'm proud to be one of the [pioneers] of this style. I'm hoping to open up my academy soon and collaborate with many more artists together, where people can come in and do three-day workshops that can benefit them for a lifetime." ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA. Images courtesy of Mustafa Avci Get Connected! @HairSalonM and @Mustafasworkshop Website: Email: To get inspiration from all of his latest and greatest looks, follow Mustafa Avci online or at tend one of his upcoming workshops. "I have a lot to learn, and I'm still learning as I'm teaching that everyone does things a little differently—and that inspires me."

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