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AUG 2016

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32 August 2016 | THE RIGHT LIGHT What sets CozmoLight apart is the way it has cleverly combined elite LED tech- nology with convenience features in each of its products—instantly making it a must-have for makeup artists, pho- tographers and the like. This was no accident, Gevorkyan says. He started his career as a photog- rapher, and thus, has always understood the importance of light for achieving a desired look—whether for a wedding photo or a trade show display. "When I was doing events, I always noticed faces were too yellow or too pale, or there was a streak of light," Gevorkyan says. "Then one day, it clicked to me. I was shooting another wedding, and the bride had a top makeup artist, a beautiful room, but horrible lighting. I asked, 'Can I put my light here?' I turned it on, and she said, 'Wow—beautiful lighting!'" Realizing that a fundamental need wasn't being supplied in the industry—portable, customizable lighting—Gevorkyan began devising a way to fill the gap. "I stud- ied business, entrepreneurial studies. I started envisioning," he says. Gevorkyan spent three years fine-tuning his first product, focusing on the technology and user features. The technology behind CozmoLight allows professionals to capture their work in just the right light—literally. One feature that was crucial for Gevorkyan to incorporate into his products was the ability to adjust color temperature from indoor to daylight, cool to warm, in seconds. This, he imagined, would be a game-changer for on-set, on-the-go professionals, who constantly need to adjust to their environment—and fast. Portability was also a must. Therefore, all CozmoLight products are lightweight and portable, and can be easily charged— even from one's car. Another key conve- nience feature includes the ability to dim and diffuse light. For added customizability, the portable lights are stackable, allowing one to create a myriad of displays and set- ups. "With stackable lights, you can make a whole wall of light," Gevorkyan says— which is exactly what he'd envisioned. Another feature he turned from idea to reality was making his lights incred- ibly long-lasting—so much so that he still doesn't know how long they can ultimately last. "We haven't had any bulbs die. So, as far as lifespan, we don't know, because we haven't seen any die yet." These features may be the very rea- son CozmoLight's Pro Single Travel Kit drew so much attention at beauty trade shows, such as IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) and the Long Beach International Salon & Spa Expo, this past year. These lights seem to be irresistible. A PRODUCT THAT SELLS ITSELF "Technology is all over the place—it's what you use it for," says Gevorkyan, who spent considerable time exploring his options before deciding to take the CozmoLight technology to the beauty industry, where it is now thriving. At its simplest, he posits, everything is an oper- ating system created by someone else; but that alone won't make it successful. "A product is what you do with it." What Gevorkyan did with CozmoLight was intentionally take it to the beauty indus- try, where competition was few and far between. He could have easily taken it to the medical field or film industry, but he realized the beauty industry might be less saturated with other lighting companies. And he was right. "There are a million lip companies, brush companies—and maybe three light companies," he says. "Globally, there are not too many. The opportunity is incredibly high." But ultimately, there was another, even simpler, reason. "It's positive. I chose THE BEST & BRIGHTEST Check out CozmoLightÕs leading innovations: 1 Pro Single Travel Kit: CozmoLight's premier product, this nine-piece professional lighting kit is portable and perfect for the makeup artist or photographer on the go. Featuring the LED CozmoLight, users can instantly achieve the perfect color temperature for their client or model, thanks to technology that allows for the adjustment from indoor to daylight in seconds. The kit includes a travel case, removable diffusing screen and removable Barndoor. For convenience and customizability, the travel kit also features a premium table stand and tripod, allowing the user to set up his station anywhere. The light's lithium- ion battery is lightweight, helping professionals cut crucial weight from their kit. Plus, it can easily be charged up from one's car—the ultimate in convenience. Suggested retail price: $300 2 Pro Dual Travel Kit: For professionals with extra-long days, or in need of an extra-large setup, the CozmoLight Dual Travel Kit is a 10-piece set that includes a backup battery for added reliability. Its swivel mount for tripod allows users to explore a multitude of angles. All other travel kit features of the Pro Single Travel Kit are included. SRP: $400 3 Cozmo Ring Light (Dimmable) Bringing CozmoLight technology to the popular ring-light concept beloved by YouTubers, makeup artists and selfie queens, the Cozmo Ring Light packs power and beauty. Featuring an 18-inch ring of light, equipped with the CozmoLight color filters, the ring is also dimmable from zero to 100% brightness. It also features a soft box screen, which helps eliminate glare from eyes. Perfect for everything from studio photography to at-home selfies! SRP: $550 CozmoLight has cleverly combined elite LED technology with convenience features—making it a must-have for makeup artists, photographers and the like. Voltage er Color Temp. CRI Illuminance Dimensions Weight DC 7.4–14.8V 21.6W 3,200K-5,600K 85 1,500 Lux /1m (3,200K) 245 X 110 X 45mm 1.50 lbs. 2,400 Lux /1m (5,600K) PRO DUAL SPECIFICATIONS Voltage er Color Temp. CRI Illuminance Dimensions Weight DC 7.4–14.8V 18.72W 3,200K-5,600K 85 1,100 Lux /1m (3,200K) 190 X 115 X 35mm 1.10 lbs. 1,530 Lux /1m (5,600K) PRO SINGLE SPECIFICATIONS DeLUX Lighting For those in need of a little something extra, bling can be added to their lighting kit from CozmoLight's luxury line. From the perfectly pink Single Lux Pink Travel Kit ($799) to the Bling Single Black ($500), CozmoLight proves they've mastered both technology and style.

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