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AUG 2016

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100 August 2016 | A Acknowledge every customer. When you're busy, really slammed, it's sometimes difficult to greet each customer who enters your doors. But a simple acknowledgement can go a long way. Eye contact and a smile are perfect when you're wrapped up in other things. Just acknowledging that they are there is important. Once you're finished with your task or with another customer, then you can go over and provide a more genuine greeting. B Believe you're the best in town. Think of it as psyching yourself up as well as your team. In building your success, you have to believe in your success. Certainly things happen that cause you to lose momen- tum, but in those dark hours, remind yourself that you're store is the best store there is. C Carry the right items. Easier said than done. Invariably, someone will always want something you don't have in stock. But read magazines like this one and pay attention to industry trends. Ensure that you're on the cutting edge of what's new. D Delight the customer. Any time you can reinforce the customer's decision to do business with you, you're doing something right. Include coupons with a purchase or free sam- ples. You don't have to do it all the time, but do it enough so people notice. Being surprised and delighted means they'll come back. E Employ top notch staff. Yes, it is definitely tempting to get a "warm body" in when you're shorthanded. But avoid that temptation. If you don't find what you're looking for in the first round of applications and interviews, start over. Having the wrong person on the team is far more expensive to your business in the long run than being short staffed. F Follow up on problems. As issues occur—and they will—make sure you don't let the issues just sit. If you have a leaky sink in the women's restroom, get that repaired before you also have to replace the floor. Likewise, if you have an employee who repeatedly comes in late, addressing it sooner than later is better than ignoring it. G Go the extra mile. This is cer- tainly true with your customers, but also your employees. Service that goes above and beyond is memo- rable. When you offer to help a customer carry a large purchase to their car, they'll remember this. When you sweep and mop at closing so an associate doesn't have to, that employee will recall how you helped them. H Hang on to your best associ- ates. You know who your top employees are already. You are aware of who does what they're sup- posed to and more. You know who you can count on. These are the ones you never want to lose. Talk to them frequently. See what their career aspira- tions are. Hold on to them because if you lose them, their replacement may cost you dearly. I Inform your team about the num- bers. If you don't already do this, your employees might guess that the store makes tens of millions of dollars and that it actually costs very little to operate. Set them straight. Share with them the cost of heating and cooling the store, what your inventory expenditure is each week, and most importantly, how sales are performing. A well-informed team is a better working team. J Justify why customers should shop with you. Ask yourself why customers should do business with you. Are you a convenient location? Better prices? Wider selection? Best service? Capitalize on your core compe- tency. Promote it. Emphasize it in social media. Also, make certain your employ- ees know why customers should shop at your store. K Kick the habit of procrastina- tion. Ok, we all do it. It's human nature. But being proactive will truly make your life easier and better. Get to it! Don't wait! L L ove coming into work. If you hate your job, why do it? The same is true for your team. If you or your staff dread coming in, it will show. Keep a posi- tive attitude, so customers want to return. M Manage the store. Sounds simple enough. But it's a very weighted statement. This means • Activated Charcoal • Kaolin & Bentonite Clays • Seaweed Extract • Bladderwrack • Green Tea • Aloe Vera Perfect for oily, active or urban skin, Purifying formulas work naturally to detoxify and replenish, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. Charcoal works like a magnet to draw out impurities for a glowing complexion... ...while seaweed extract protects skin against the negative ageing effects of harmful enviromental pollutants. The healthier way to detox your skin. Get glowing results with: To receive product samples and literature, #dermae

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