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JUL 2016

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88 July 2016 | many facial brushes use a vibrating motion, MBK's goal was to create one that used a circular motion instead. The result was the Clarifying Brush, which features two speeds and rotational modes. "We thought [a circular motion] was better, but we didn't know for a fact. So, we partnered with the American Medi- cal Association to do a study," Sakuma says. "We provided our brush and a vibrating-type brush. What [the AMA] found was that the circular motion does effective cleaning and reduces your pore size by over 40%; while the vibrating motion increases your pore size. If your pores are smaller, your skin texture over- all looks smoother. The more effective method of cleansing and caring for the skin is a circular motion. That's why we felt validated with our brush." Once an advanced cleansing system was in place, MBK's next goal was to develop a product to help skin absorb the company's acclaimed Eye Contour Cream more effectively to help customers avoid fine lines and reduce puffiness around the eyes. "There's a technology called MENS (Micro-Current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation) that has been used since the '70s in medical applications," Sakuma says. "The treatment is safe, relaxing and gentle. It uses power from the tip of this device. It's battery operated, and the bat- tery drives electrical currents to stimulate the collagen in the skin—which speeds up the circulation because it creates a little bit of heat, about 98 degrees (body temperature). With better circulation, your blood is producing more oxygen to the area that you're treating; so it speeds up lymphatic flow, which helps drain away toxins (leaving the skin fresher); and it speeds up collagen production by increasing the activity of the fibroblasts." MBK used the MENS technology to create the Eye Rejuvenator, which, when used in conjunction with the Eye Contour Cream, produces high-performance skin care. "What it does is help redefine deep lines and wrinkles so that they're less evident, and it restores the skin's elasticity. It makes the skin around the eyes very smooth," he says. Last, but not least, MBK introduced a handheld Microdermabrasion unit that removes dead skin cells and blackheads. Unlike other microdermabrasion tools, MBK's uses a diamond-shaped rounded tip, which has a center opening that suc- tions like a vacuum. "What the device does while you pull it along the area you want to treat is gently scrape the top layer of the skin. The vacuum effect vac- uums up the debris and helps stimulate collagen as well," Sakuma says. To get rid of age spots, customers can use the unit along with MBK's Anti-Pigmentation Repair Cream to lighten the melanin that creates that age spot. Or, if customers want to reduce acne scars, they can use the Microdermabrasion unit with the Anti-Blemish Cream, giving clients of all skin types effective solutions to treat any type of imperfection. AT THE FOREFRONT OF SKIN CARE Always on the cutting edge of technology, MBK has some new and exciting projects currently in the works. "We're looking at an IPL [intense pulsed light] laser device that can target hair-follicle roots," Sakuma says. "You use it in conjunction with your iPhone or smartphone, and the display will show a target area—almost like playing a video game. You put the device on the area you want to do the hair removal on. As you move it around, there's a color display. When it targets the hair follicle, it turns red; and then you press the activation button, and it will give you an animated view of the laser hitting the hair follicle. It's something we're looking at. We do believe it's better [than other IPL lasers out there] because you're targeting the hair follicle." With many large or handheld IPL machines being $400 and up, Sakuma says it's a lot of money for a customer, or even a salon, to invest in whether it may or may not work. MBK believed there had to be better way. "[We thought], let's make it portable and utilize a smartphone screen—using the same IPL technology, but instead of targeting a large skin area, target the follicles one by one. It may take a little more time, but we do feel it's more effective," he says. GET LOOKS THAT LAST While all-natural skincare products have been growing in popularity, MBK has stayed true to its roots since its inception in the late '80s. "Right now, there's a big push for more organic and healthy prod- ucts that don't use any harsh chemicals on your skin, by doing it the natural way—and that is a better way. You don't want to use petroleum on your skin; it's not lasting. It's more of a superficial fix," Sakuma says. No matter what type of skin problems your customers have, you can help them create a unique regimen that caters to their individual needs. "We feel that the MBK product line has been developed so that you can use it during any period of your life. If you're in your 20s, you can maintain your skin's elasticity and moisture for longer periods of time. If you're middle-age, you can help restore [it]. If you're older and your skin has been damaged by a lot of sun … we have skincare products that also help repair," he says. "So, that's what sets us apart from a lot of lines. We have a full line of products, whether you're in your 20s or 60s, with products for you as you get older and [encounter] different skincare problems." ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA. "There's a big push for more organic and healthy products that don't use any harsh chemicals—and that is a better way." COMMON SKIN PROBLEMS SOLVED! Tackle your customers' everyday skin problems with Methode Brigitte Kettner's extraordinary tools. Here's a breakdown of the three devices offered. 1 To Clean Skin: With the ability to reduce pore size by up to 75%, the Clarifying Brush uses a rotating motion and has a battery that lasts up to 100 cycles; for professional and personal use. 2 To Remove Debris: Revive tired, dull-looking eyes with the Microdermabrasion tool. Because it's handheld, it's portable and easy to tote. Gentle, yet strong enough to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and improve collagen production, tone and texture, this device is a must-have. 3 To Eliminate Dark Circles: Easily and safely reduce eye puffiness and remove dark circles with the Eye Rejuvenator, which uses advanced micro-current treatments that work. 2 3 For more information on Methode Brigitte KettnerÕs skincare line, visit 2 br b ea k 1 Images courtesy of Methode Brigitte Kettner

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