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JUL 2016

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86 July 2016 | ÒBrigitte Kettner is a woman who went to the University of Bologna,Ó says Dwight Sakuma, president of Telefield NA (the parent company of MBK). ÒShe studied bacteriology and got very interested while she was there in how the study of bacteri- ology could apply to skin care. She decided to go back to Lichtenstein, Germany, where sheÕs from, to look at formulating skincare products based on natural ingredientsÑ a lot of plant extracts and vitaminsÑto see how they would benefit different types of skin.Ó Kettner also believed in individual consultations to address each clientÕs needs. ÒShe felt that every personÕs skin was just a touch different, depending on [the personÕs] age, the type of work [they] doÑi.e., whether itÕs stressful or not, [whether they] work in the city and their environmentÑall of which affect [a personÕs] skin,Ó Sakuma says. Here, we take a look behind the inno- vative German brand, vetted for three decades in Europe, and on the cusp of making waves in the United States due to its groundbreaking technology and naturally derived skincare products. USHERING IN A NEW ERA Ò[Brigitte Kettner] developed Methode Brigitte KettnerÑa philosophy that says every womanÕs skin is a little different and should be treated that way,Ó Sakuma says. Kettner developed products intended for salons only, and trained estheticians on how to survey the needs of each client based on factors such as age and what they want to repair. KettnerÕs products were successful in the salons, but required intensive one-on-one training with salon staff members, which limited the brandÕs growth opportunities. ÒSheÕs been in business for about 27 years, and sheÕs still active in the business, but felt she needed to sell [the company] to someone [with] a bigger vision,Ó Sakuma says. ÒThis is where Telefield Ltd. of Hong Kong stepped in.Ó An intermediary interested in sell- ing the MBK skincare line approached TelefieldÕs CEO Steve Cheng, who owned eight other businesses that produced a range of products from telephone equip- ment to modems and electronics. One of ChengÕs businesses was looking to develop revolutionary skincare tools, so Telefield bought MBK five years ago and supplemented KettnerÕs effective treat- ments with three cutting-edge devices: Clarifying Brush, Eye Rejuvenator and the Microdermabrasion tool. To stay true to the original brand, Kettner still works with the company and does consulting and product formula- tions. ÒWeÕre continuing her philosophy, but changing it a bit for whatever geo- graphical region weÕre going to,Ó Sakuma says. ÒWeÕve sold a lot into Southeast Asia and China in salons, and now weÕre bringing it to the United States.Ó BACK TO BASICS MBK skincare products were introduced to the United States a little over a year ago in salons. However, Telefield found that the U.S. market was different from the European market, which had already expe- rienced success. Many salon owners focus mainly on hair and nail care. Therefore, many of them didnÕt want to offer such an extensive line of products in their salons, which would require extensive training. (There are about 45 products available through MBKÕs Classic Line, Ultimate Line, Lift Line and more.) So, MBK came up with a simple five-step system called the Aqua Pure Line, which addresses all of a clientÕs basic needs and includes a cleanser, toner, mask, serum and moisturizer. ÒItÕs a simple five-step program that we call skin care 101,Ó Sakuma says. ÒWe just introduced it at the Western Buying Conference in Las Vegas this past January, and a lot of distributors said they think itÕs a lot easier. We still have the other product lines. So if a distributor says they need [specific] products for antiaging, blemishes or anti-pigmentation, we offer that, too. We can fill in the needs of each salon with the rest of our line. We felt that was a better way to approach the marketplace.Ó The Aqua Pure Line has been a best seller because the products maintain the MBK standard of Òquality, purity and effectiveness,Ó but is a simpler system for everyday use. ÒItÕs one of the largest- selling [lines] and has become [popular] in Europe as well.Ó CLINICALLY PROVEN SOLUTIONS By marrying TelefieldÕs expertise for cre- ating innovative technology with MBKÕs natural products, the company is now the best of both worlds. When MBK wanted to create a facial cleansing brush to supple- ment the cleansers, it wanted to make a product unlike others on the market. While "We feel that the MBK product line has been developed so that you can use it during any period of your life." Dwight Sakuma FIVE STEPS TO FABULOUS SKIN For an introduction to the Methode Brigitte Kettner skincare line, offer customers the newest and best-selling Aqua Pure Line, which involves just five easy steps to a radiant complexion. 1 Cleanse: Users can start with the Foamy Cleansing Cream to clean the face and wash off makeup and impurities. It works great for those with dry skin; but suits all skin types. Men can use it as shaving cream. 2 Tone: They can moisturize with the Aqua Pure Lotion (Toner), which contains nourishing Pentavitin, Allantoin and Bisabolol to soothe and restore skin. This toner allows skin to easily absorb serums and topical creams. 3 Exfoliate: Gentle enough to use on skin two or three times a week, the Aqua Pure Mask restores moisture using natural flavoids. Your customers can use this mask overnight for the best results. 4 Refresh: For supple, toned and elastic skin, customers can use the Aqua Pure Serum each morning and night. This invigorating serum moisturizes, providing a refreshed feel. 5 Moisturize: Restore the skin's texture with the Aqua Pure Cream, which contains Pentavitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol and cactus extract to moisturize all skin types. 1 2 3 4 5 Images courtesy of Methode Brigitte Kettner

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