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JUL 2016

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40 July 2016 | "I wanted to grow my team based on passionate people, and not based on [the] numbers of their [social-media] following." Samantha Nu Bounsom CEO/Founder, Nubounsom Age: 34 IG: @nubounsom, Twitter: @sbounsom Samantha Nu Bounsom believes in earning success the old-fashioned way—by working hard. And in the face of obstacles or naysayers, she simply creates a solution. Such was the case when building her eyelash brand, Nubounsom (a combination of her nickname, "Nu" and her last name), just 14 months ago. Had she not been turned down for a position at an established eyelash company—for not having a major social-media following—she may have never opted to create a position—at her own company. "I wanted to grow my team based on passionate people, and not based on numbers of their following," she says. "I started researching the lash industry and took a leap of faith. There were many challenges along the way, due to the fact that I had to start from scratch with no social proof or connections." But more than just gusto, Bounsom also had a strong foundation in customer service and business. After studying business administration at Kansas State Uni- versity and business management at Baker University, the young entrepreneur excelled at multiple top sales positions for companies such as Cutco and Sprint, and gained years of high-level experience with Vemma and Farmers Insurance. But Bounsom wanted more. "I wanted to find my passion in life. I no longer wanted to work for corporate America," she says. A self-described lash addict, Bounsom's passion was certain: cosmetics. Cultivating her social-media following from scratch, Bounsom used her page as a platform to push people to follow their dreams. It was then that Nubounsom's handmade lashes started gaining the support of major Instagram influencers. "Our collaboration with Alex Faction, and the launching of our 3-D mink lashes turned the tide," she says. "MannyMUA also made our Bella 3-D mink style his No. 1 lash. We started trending on social media, and the company quadrupled in sales." With such rapid growth in just over a year, Bounsom's goals for the next 10 years include growing beyond eye- lashes—and continuing to break barriers. "We will continue to build our company around empowering and encouraging people of all walks of life to be beautiful in their own eyes." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SKY'S THE LIMIT Although Samantha Nu Bounsom never imagined she would launch a global cosmetics ecommerce company, she always believed in the power of working hard. "I believe in my father's mantra that, 'With education, hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish any- thing,'" she says. "I took the path less traveled, one of service and sacrifice. My hard work and dedication has paid off by allowing me to arrive at my destiny of empowering other people to experience the success and blessings that life has given them." ■ Malena Jaime is a writer and editor in CA. Introducing a Revolutionary, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Foil! Eco-Wraps ™ Made from a sustainable, renewable tapioca base, that is non-toxic and degrades in landfills See-Through Highlighting Strips C O L O R A C C E S S O R I E S Ask your Product Club Rep for details, or call 800.308.3588

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