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JUL 2016

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18 July 2016 | and walked around mesmerized. It was a great show to attend. We also go to many local distribu- tor shows in the USA, as well as the top regional shows, such as the Long Beach International Salon & Spa Expo, America's Beauty Show in Chicago and Premiere Orlando, to name a few. New this year—we will be at the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show with the Gold 'N Hot brand. We are very excited to relaunch this iconic brand. My marketing teams attend the shows and work the booths to gather informa- tion from our stylist customers to find out how they respond to features on the appliances, what resonates with them and what does not. They gather all that information and bring it back to share with everyone. The interaction of my marketing team members and the stylists at the shows is critical to our success. They get up close and personal time with the customer, whom we love and respect, and we learn new things at every show. It truly helps guide our future product offerings as well as gives us insights for improvements we can make to existing ones. We've also had a marketing person take videos and pictures of our stage stylists doing hair, and have posted them on social media. One post received more than 16,000 views. It was of Leah's younger daughter! She has beautiful hair. Detra Smith, our artistic director, was demoing a curl technique, and the post took off like wildfire. We were actually shocked at that engage- ment and thrilled at the same time. What new items will we see at Cosmoprof North America 2016? Taricco-Cropp: We actually have something super cool and never seen before that is about to be launched, and Cosmoprof is where we will unveil it. That is all I will say about that; but it is totally going to delight our stylist customers. Hagstrom: We are extremely excited about our new-product innovations. These items will launch this fall, on a limited basis, and will be in full distribution in 2017. I can't say what these items are, but I will say that they are ergonomi- cally designed for the professionals who work behind the chair. These inno- vative, new items will reduce stress and fatigue in the upper body as they work. It is very exciting. Is there anything you'd that like to add? Hagstrom: I have been with Helen of Troy for 17 years. The professional team is amazing. We have Terri and her marketing team, and I have six truly pro- fessional team members who have been responsible for successfully growing our business dramatically over the past 17 years. We work hard, and we are proud of our brands and products. Bailey: We really appreciate the oppor- tunity to tell our story! ■ Manyesha Batist is a freelance writer and editor based in Denver, and a former editor at Beauty Store Business. Upcoming launches: "They are ergonomically designed for professionals [and] will reduce stress and fatigue in the upper body." | MADE IN USA IC Fantasia Fantasiahaircare HEALTHY HAIR just got sleek! This hair treatment oil is a weightless, healing, dry oil that REPAIRS & REVIVES dry, damaged hair. The non-greasy formula instantly infuses hair with moisture and sheen. It controls frizz and gives hair color and highlights a luminous glow. Aloe Oil Complete Hair Treatment t 8FJHIUMFTTIFBMJOHESZPJMGPSEBNBHFEIBJS t $POUSPMTGSJ[[BOEHJWFTIBJSDPMPSBOEIJHIMJHIUT BMVNJOPVTHMPX t *OTUBOUMZJOGVTFTIBJSXJUINPJTUVSFBOETIFFO

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