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64 December 2014 | hearing process that shaped the current tax-reform package introduced by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp. Our GA team has consistently worked to push this legislation forward; however, the legislation cannot pass without a complete tax-reform package. If Congress does not consider or work on a tax- reform package that will be accepted by both the House and Senate, our legislation will continue to be on holdÑwaiting for a vehicle to be considered. The bill has not moved because Congress has not passed a tax-reform package. How can those in the beauty industry get involved with these causes? I have created an Issue Advocacy Fund to allow for individuals and businesses to donate in support of our government affairs programs. These funds are 100% directly applied to the costs associated with advo- cacy in our industry. The PBA does not have a PAC [political action committee]. Bridget Sharpe, our government affairs & industry relations manager, facilitates The PBA State Captain Program. (See ÒCaptain Marvels,Ó page 60.) This program involves volunteer advocates in every state. Bridget notifies state captains of issues of concern in their state and walks each advocate through the advocacy process, which can include meeting with an elected official, testifying at a legislative hearing, writing letters, making phone calls and mobilizing a lobby day. There has been a shift in CongressÑ an influence shift. As recent as two years ago, I was convinced that financial contri- butions to campaigns or PAC checks were the only means of influence that truly mattered despite the insistence of political offices agreeing that there is no such thing as Òpay to play.Ó I do believe that financial contributions absolutely play a role and impact the creation of policies or stop the creation of policies altogether. However, more recently, I believe that the power of constituents has grown. If volunteer advocates come together in large numbers to influence their own elected official, this matters. I am often asked if I regularly hire state lobby- ists, and the answer is Òno.Ó I find that professionals in the beauty industry and business owners are the advocates we need in front of their elected offi- cials. Members of the beauty industry know the beauty industry best; they are real professionals who can explain the issues impacting their business. Sure, a lobbyist under the correct cir- cumstances may be useful; but it is the constituent, the voting advocate, who truly makes an impact. No one can afford to underestimate the power of volunteer advocates. They are not paid to meet with elected offi- cials; instead, they participate in the grassroots process because they believe in the issues and are passionate about having a seat at the table to address concerns that ultimately will impact and influence how they run their business. Is there anything else our readers should know about your efforts? We make decisions and move forward; we canÕt wait to take a position on issues that affect us as individuals or businesses. Whether we are faced with issues regarding chemicals or taxes, somewhere along the line each person who is part of the professional-beauty industry will feel the results of policy. Government affairs is a key priority for all major industries and career fields. We no longer are on the sideline because the PBA has a full-time government affairs team. We now are involved and par- ticipating where we were once missing years ago. We will research and find the answers and learn the processes necessary for our members to better understand compli- ance for ongoing changes to policies at both the federal and state levels. ■ Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. Educational DVDs INSPIRE Women's Styles Makeover Haircolor Call 800.634.8500 or visit or email INSPIRE Women's Styles Makeover Cuts INSPIRE Women's Styles Makeover Cuts & Color INSPIRE Men's Styles Men's Cuts INSPIRE Women's Styles Updo's for special occasions Each DVD Only $ 34 95 That's like buying 3 and getting 2 FREE! BUY MORE & SAVE! Available NOW! Call your distributor today Buy 2 for $ 59 95 Buy 3 for $ 74 95 Buy 4 for $ 89 95 Buy 5 for $ 104 95 Now Available EN ESPANÕL! PUBLICATION TITLE PUBLICATION NO. FILING DATE Beauty Store Business 1098-0660 10-01-14 ISSUE NO. 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