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300 meters and 400 meters, these roses are hand selected and harvested for their unrivaled abilities as a toning and astringent agent, as well as a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, all while optimizing the skin pH and strengthening cells. As the foundation of the line, the high potency botanic concentrate is the carrier that provides intense efficacy through unrivaled bioavailability. It uniquely matches skin's polarity, lipids and water solubility, providing deep derma penetration and delivery of suki bioactive cosmeceuticals. Since our stringent standards—which are necessary to achieve the efficacy of the This has made growth a longer curve; but it's about all of us coming together again, coming back to empowerment. Not just [my own empowerment], but all of ours as a team here, and the individuals that really take ownership in this company. We are small, but growing fast. We are a bunch of strong, opinionated, thoughtful women—and we've finally added a couple of cool men—who responsibly and creatively contribute, and are dedicated to our work and our growth. We are a team, and because of each of us, we keep going forward. Each of us has had to learn new things and take on new challenges. As far as new products, we add them based on the feedback from our loyal customers and our own needs. Although we're considered more of a facial-care company, we do have amazing body-care products. We also still make three body products from when we initially launched. Those include the velvet hand & body cream, delicate hydrating body oil and the butter cream salve—which I think is the most undervalued product in my line because it's so incredibly unique in texture and healing. for healing baby skin—to 80 years old; but for marketing purposes we say the sweet spot is ages 35 to 58. We conduct clinical trials on our final regimens and formulas, but to be a "suki formula" it must meet my criteria of being both 100% synthetic-free and efficacious. I've built my company on my ideals and have always had that integrity. I [believe] that [fact] can be felt by our consumers, especially the ones who have been with me since the beginning. And, having gone through these kinds of in-depth skin issues myself, I can empathize with my customers and what they are going through. "We conduct clinical trials—'suki formulas' must meet my criteria of being both 100% synthetic-free and efficacious." high potency botanic concentrate—are not commercially available, we had to develop the production capability in our Northampton, Massachusetts, facility. Other ingredients fall into our suki bioactive cosmeceuticals, which are derived from highly potent botanicals. We investigate a wide selection of plant-based active ingredients that offer the level of efficacy one would expect of the most premium skincare products. For example, more than seven years ago we were one of the first companies to introduce resveratrol as an antioxidant in skin care. Other ingredients include white willow salicins, acai oil and a natural source of retinol. These are just a few. All of our ingredients must be validated by thirdparty clinical trials and meet one of the industry's highest purity standards. How are your products formulated? How do they differ from other lines? Simply stated, they are pure and work like none other. Each product is formulated by me. A lot of what I do is based on myself, and the needs of our consumers, who aren't shy about telling us what they want. They range in age from five years old—[as some of our] moms buy some of the more traditional products What are some of the recent awards and honors your line has received? We won the Beauty & Body award from Delicious Living for our intensive nourishing cream. It was heralded as a "Best Splurge" item. Our sensitive cleansing bar won the Self magazine 2013 Healthy Beauty Award. It was also a finalist for the ICMAD bath and body product innovation award. My renewal bio-resurfacing facial peel won an ICMAD award for best cosmetic innovation of the year. Which celebrities embrace suki products? To name a few: Eva Longoria, Edie Falco, Bethenny Frankel, Jenny Garth, Amber Heard, Elisabeth Röhm and Hayden Panettiere. We were also featured in Jessica Alba's new book, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You. She refers to our nourishing formulas, which were designed for dry skin, specifically the moisture-rich cleansing lotion. How many employees did the company initially launch with and how many are currently on board? as well as, among other retailers. Does suki sell internationally? If so, where? We do sell internationally. In fact, our best and largest growth market is Denmark. Other international markets include Japan, Germany, Dubai and the United Kingdom, among others. We've been getting our feet wet in the international market for the past eight years, and suki skincare has been greatly received. We're seeing signs of rapid expansion. Initially, suki launched with just me doing absolutely everything—from order entry to formulation, mixing, filling, labeling and selling, to public relations, marketing, creating my logo, website and, well, you get the idea. The company remained that way for quite some time. Currently, the company has more than 24 staffed employees and a team of 65 independent representatives. What are your best-selling items? Our best sellers are the exfoliate foaming cleanser, intensive nourishing cream and eye lift radiance renewal cream, as well as the balancing day lotion. Where are your products sold? How else has suki evolved over the years? Do you have a favorite product or products? Of course, our products sell via suki, as well as through independent spas, boutiques and pharmacies. We also sell at independent natural-foods markets, Whole Foods and other chains, We've grown each year; but our core concept has always remained. I have always owned 100% of the company, and because we've never had investors, [there has never been that type of influence] on my ideals. I'm 46 years old. Like most people, I have combination skin—oily on the bottom. And I'm beginning to embrace my laugh lines on top. So my regimen involves 58 September 2013 | Continued on page 74

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