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SEP 2013

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Current Social-Media Websites There are literally hundreds of social-media sites with new ones appearing at an almost daily rate. However, for the retailer, there are several you should be familiar with. The following provides the names of some of the most popular social-media sites and their most common use. As you're starting your social-media campaign, just target three or four of these. As you grow more comfortable, you might consider adding one more per quarter. SITE This all-in-one beauty balm is loaded with active plant stem cells, anti-aging peptides, healthy vitamins, antioxidants and mineral color correctors. Goodbye flaws. Hello great looking skin. Moisturizer Brightener Anti-Aging Treatment SPF 25 Primer Concealer Foundation Light and Medium Tints 100% vegan • cruelty-free gluten-free • gmo-free no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin or artificial colors All retailers receive FREE sales and merchandising support. Call 800.521.3342 or visit us at to receive product samples and literature. 38 September 2013 | Primarily a social-networking site where pictures, words and videos can be exchanged. It's probably the top site for a retailer. Twitter Social-networking site permitting the sharing of text, pictures and videos. The catch is that text must be 140 characters or less. Primarily a video-sharing site. Great venue for showcasing short videos of your store, testimonials from customers and how-to segments. Google+ Good site for setting up an online page for your business. Can also help you enhance your Google rankings in searches. Pinterest Primarily a picture- and video-sharing site. Great site for showing results of products you sell. LinkedIn Though it's typically for showcasing your personal experience on a resume, it can sometimes be used to find others who share your interests. Instagram Introducing derma e® BB Crème Facebook YouTube Your skin, only BBetter. DESCRIPTION Primarily a photo-sharing site. Acquired by Facebook in 2012. FourSquare A site that permits users to "check in" when they visit a store, restaurant or any business or place. Yelp A customer-review site. Be sure to check this site often to see what customers are saying about your store. Kik A mobile-phone application that is primarily a social-networking platform. Very popular with the under-20 demographic. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? It probably goes without saying that you already wear many hats. If you also tried to keep up with every social-media site, you would have little time for actually managing the store. Therefore, this is one of those responsibilities that's great to delegate—as long as it's to the right employee. Too often managers hand this task to the 19-year-old on staff because they know that employee is likely on Facebook all the time. Big mistake. Though this person may share daily videos of singing kitties or comment hourly on her friends' hairstyles, that does not necessarily translate into a savvy social-media expert from the store's point of view. Instead, as your team is developing your strategy, cultivate those on the team who want to take this on and who have the capability and maturity to

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