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SEP 2013

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by Steven Austin Stovall, Ph.D. 34 September 2013 | AS A CHILD, PERHAPS YOU WENT TO A family-themed restaurant that was full of interactive games with lots of lights, sounds and children screaming with pizza-fueled delight. One of the most popular games was one called "whack-a-mole" where the goal was to use a mallet and knock on the head a mole that suddenly and randomly popped up from a variety of holes. There really was no winning—you simply attempted to hit the mole as many times as you could in the time allotted. Does this analogy sound like your social-media strategy? Are you haphazardly whacking the mole of social media with no real strategy for winning and hoping that you successfully bop the right website on the head at the precise moment you should? In other words, do your socia-media efforts look like this? "Quick, post something on Facebook – it's been three weeks since we posted!" "Now, Twitter!" "Back to Facebook again …" "Look at Yelp – should we do something with this?" "Oh no! We forgot all about Instagram! We should really look at that sometime." "Oops! Probably time to write something on Facebook." "Oh yeah! What about YouTube?" "What in the world is this Kik we keep hearing about?" As you might guess, this is NOT how a business should approach social media. The following explores how you can strategize your social media efforts. The Social media is too crucial to your business to just throw together a random campaign. Here are tips on how to do it right.

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