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APR 2013

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WHERE THE BOYS ARE ... A GROWING PRODUCT NICHE Men's products are more prevalent than ever. Check out what's new and exciting in this niche category. by Terah Shelton Harris Derby International Different brush strokes for different folks, right? Those looking for a great detangling brush should consider the Wet Brush by J&D Beauty Products. This brush works great on both wet and dry hair, and curly and straight hair. Its soft bristles easily unsnarl knots without tugging or breaking the hair. The Wet Brush comes in an array of fun colors and is perfect for everyone. For a healthy post-shower brush, J&D Beauty Products also makes the Man Brush. Designed to stimulate and massage the scalp, this brush is made with soft, flexible bristles and helps reduce hair breakage and those nasty split ends. Suggested retail price: The Wet Brush $14, 800.523.2889 No other hair product is as versatile as a good gel. FONEX markets its Gummy Hair Gel as the strongest-holding gel on the market for extreme hairstyles such as Mohawks or spikes. The gels are 100% alcohol-free and are available in three keratin formulations that are designed to smooth different hair types, from coarse to frizzy. Simply slather it on wet hair, comb it through and go. A good razor is arguably the most important staple in a man's grooming bag. Let your customers consider the well-built Shaving Factory Double Edge Safety Razor by Derby. It's constructed of refined stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper with a computer-designed angle that gives the user a close, comfortable shave. It fits comfortably in the crook of the hand, thanks to a nonslip grip handle, and it accommodates most doubleedge razor blades, such as Derby's Double Edge Razor Blades. Imported from Sweden and made from stainless steel, these razor blades are deposited with chromium-ceramic, tungsten and platinum then coated with a polymer for optimum shaving comfort and longevity. SRPs: Gummy Hair Gels $9.99; The Shaving Factory Double Edge Safety Razor $12.99; Double Edge Razor Blades $1 24 April 2013 | Model image: J&D Beauty Products

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