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AUG 2019

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6 August 2019 | s I sit to write this note, it is June 21, the irst oicial day o summer. I still get excited or the un summer holds–and the beauty! For all o us in the proessional beauty industry, summer brings our biggest show, Cosmopro North America (CPNA). This month, we are very excited and honored to eature Liza Rapay, the new head o marketing at CPNA. We had the good ortune o spending a day with Rapay this spring when she came to Creative Age to be photographed or our cover. Possessing a rare kind o quiet power, it is clear that Rapay is smart, experienced and laser-ocused on the task at hand: delivering a show that provides real value to its attendees and exhibitors alike. She is both personable and accomplished. I have no doubt that she will do great things at CPNA, along with the help o her talented team and the Proessional Beauty Association. We hope you enjoy our cover story (p. 42), which gives you a more personal look at Rapay–and an idea o the new direction CPNA will take. Last week, I attended a CEW event at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, ocused on the CBD market. A representative rom Kline & Company market research irm opened the evening with some very interesting data. Kline expects the CBD market to experience a compound annual growth rate o 75 percent through 2023. While the CBD beauty market is still very small, that kind o growth cannot be ignored. Since the Farm Bill legalized CBD late last year at the ederal level, big beauty retailers have gotten on board. You can now ind CBD beauty products at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Walgreens and CVS, to name a ew. However, other beauty retailers are waiting. For example, green beauty retailer, The Detox Market, wants to see more research beore launching any CBD beauty products. In our story "To CBD or Not to CBD?" (p. 38), we cover all the complications surrounding CBD beauty–rom legal, to regulatory to eicacy. While CBD presents a great business opportunity, you'll want to be inormed beore jumping in–or more inormed, i you already have. Speaking o regulatory complications, Congress is considering two bills that are aimed to update the 1938 United States Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Both manuacturers and consumers want more cosmetic oversight, but just how much and the inancing o that oversight are being debated. We give you a ull update in our story "Ramping Up Regulations" (p. 56). I you are a manuacturer considering expanding to the international market, we've got an inormative piece or you (p. 20) with advice rom successul brands and experts who have already walked that path. Also, be sure to catch our product guides on oundations (p. 16), travel solutions (p. 26) and dazzling displays (p. 48). Enjoy the long days o summer! ■ Editor's Note Kim Henderson, Executive Editor The CBD Phenomenon Kline expects the CBD market to experience a compound annual growth rate o 75 percent through 2023.

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