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AUG 2019

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64 August 2019 | Executive Q&A Where is your brand ocus currently? Within every brand, we have new product launches and promos. This year we are relaunching a skincare line with newly updated •ormulas and great new packaging. We are also launching a CBD skincare brand. We are repositioning some brands to enter into the mass market, but core pro•essional brands will remain pro•essional. This year, we took over the exclusive U.S. distribution •or Jaguar, Europe's No. 1 shears brand. This is exciting •or us as they truly make the most exceptional quality shears, yet are not overpriced. Our ProRituals hair color and haircare brand is going through a complete packaging change. What do you want beauty retailers to know about Robanda? We have a brand (or brands) •or everyone. Whether the retailer is in prestige, mass or pro•essional. Also, we are putting a major emphasis on social media activities, tagging the major retailers who work with us in any core brands. We work with some dynamic in•luencers who are leaders in their •ields. What kind o leader are you and what type o company culture do you aim to create? I trust people, especially those who work •or us. So I don't micro manage, everyone knows what they contribute to the company...We promote a company culture o• •amily. Everyone here can grow with the company. They understand how they are a critical cog in the engine that is Robanda International. How have your priorities changed? For mysel• I'm doing a better job o• balancing my li•e; its not all about work and putting in 50 hours a week. I'd like to get my gol• handicap down (not disclosed). You have to play more to achieve this! What has been the company's greatest achievement? Greatest lesson? Our amazing team here at Robanda, loyal hard working •olks, who have been an integral part o• our growth (and li•e) this past 20 years. [We've learned] to treat everyone with respect; the success comes a•ter that. How do you plan to mark Robanda International's 20th anniverary? We will be hosting a big cocktail party at the House o• Blues during Cosmopro• North America in Las Vegas •or all o• our customers and sales represenatives. In spring o• 2020, we will celebrate with a big party •or our employees and their •amilies. Whats next or the company? Perhaps we'll have another brand acquisition. Perhaps we'll bring in an investor to acquire a minority stake. We are always open to ideas. ■ @robanaintl @robanda-international GET CONNECTED! Shampoos - Aloe Vera | Cherry Blossom | Tropical Breeze | Honey Almond Conditioners - Aloe Vera | Honey Almond | Balsam Keratin Enriched Shampoo Concentrates - Now with Pro B Vitamin and essential oils. Each gallon makes up to 8 for incredible savings. Moisturizing and Nourishing Conditioners - Contain Collagen, Keratin, Aloe Vera and essential vitamins for healthy hair and luxurious results. For more information about products, partnership programs, private labeling, or to make a Cosmoprof Appointment call Geoff Geils at 800-928-7665 ext. 110 NEW NEW

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