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AUG 2019

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48 August 2019 | From top: marc ischer/, courtesy o the manuacturers Capture your customers' attention with appealing manuacturer displays to help make the sale. by Ann H. Carlson I n the beauty industry, appearances matter. With retail competition being so ierce, it's critical that your store is aesthetically pleasing and well organized. Customers are more likely to enjoy spending their time–and money–in a store that makes them look and eel good. Investing in attractive, eye-catching retail displays can go a long way toward capturing your customers' imagination and moving products rom your shelves. We asked Lori Leib, creative director and brand man- ager or Bodyography Proessional Cosmetics and marketing director or the San Diego-based Robanda International, or her take on the latest beauty retail display trends. Beauty Store Business: What elements should a retail display have to draw the customers' attention? Lori Leib: An appealing retail display should be branded, bright, clean and spaced out in an easy-to-navigate layout. When displays are too crammed with product, it becomes an overwhelming experience or the customer. Shel talkers are helpul on a sel-service type o display, as the product's eatures and beneits are easily spelled out in case the sta is busy and unable to assist the customer. Are there any new display trends retailers should watch or? A big display attraction continues to be lighting. LED lights not only draw the customer in, but also showcase the product in their best "light." This is extremely helpul or makeup displays, especially i the display contains a mirror or application. For the more tech-savvy stores and brands, electronic activation seems to be becoming more and more popular. Whether it is a video on a loop showcasing press, reviews or product knowledge, or an augmented reality app where customers can try on, test and share results on social media, screens are becoming ar more common and can really make a dierence when it comes to the message you are trying to relay to your customers. What should retailers consider when purchasing displays? The most important actor retailers should consider when investing in a display has to be growth and new launches. Displays, though integral to a brand's success in retail, can be quite limiting. They it to particular product speciications and can be outdated quickly. It is important to leave room or growth and oer modular systems and seasonal space or collections. WetBrush Pro The nine-piece, limited edition WetBrush Pro Neon Tropics Display oers a bright selection o three Pro Detangler brushes created to improve comort and control or stylists. Display price: $67.50, Phillips Brush The 9-piece Phillips Beard Brush Counter Display showcases this compact, lightweight grooming tool made with all-natural bristles and a beveled wood handle. Salon cost: $54, Here are the latest eye-catching displays or your loors, shelves and countertops rom some o the industry's leading brands. DAZZLING DISPLAYS

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