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JUN 2019

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4 June 2019 | I f you came of age in the '80s as I did, you remember how vivid-colored hair was a mark of true rebellion. When a friend or acquaintance turned to coloring his or her hair blue or pink, often accompanied with a blunt, pixie or spiked hair cut, we'd say he or she "went punk." The look was not accepted by the mainstream. Punk had a real edge to it, intended to evoke alarm or danger. Yet, most of the "punks" I knew were not dangerous at all once you got to know them. They were usually interesting people with original style and taste. All of this began, of course, in London in the mid-'70s with the rise of punk rock music. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Crazy Color at Cosmoprof North America last summer. Founded by renown hair stylist Renato Brunas, Crazy Color was the original vivid hair color. Scotland-based Professional Beauty Systems (PBS) relaunched the brand in the U.S. last year, and we are very excited to feature Stephen Macdonough, managing director of PBS, on our cover this month! You can catch this colorful (pun intended) story starting on page 26. It just goes to show that beauty and style are inextricably linked to cultural movements. On the subject of movements, the wellness movement is showing no signs of slowing. Modern living, with all of its connectedness, needs an antidote and perhaps the wellness movement is answering that need. Whatever is fueling it, wellness has infiltrated beauty with such a force that it has created entirely new categories. One of them is beauty ingestibles. The idea of "beauty from within" is not new, but the demand for more lasting, holistic beauty solutions from consumers is. This month, you'll find our interview with HUM Nutrition's dynamic CEO, Walter Faulstroh, starting on page 14. Faulstroh provides valuable insights on how to make this category work for your business. Additionally, our Focus On (p. 16) presents you with some of the very best in beauty ingestibles (appealingly designed for the beauty space) to consider for your store. Just a decade ago, you would be hard pressed to find natural beauty in mainstream beauty stores. Instead, a limited selection of natural beauty products was relegated to the shelves of natural retailers. Times have definitely changed. This year, the Natural Products Expo West was its biggest ever. Beauty Store Business was there to capture new natural trends and exciting products you'll want to know about. See what's new starting on page 10. Speaking of trends, don't miss our feature "Sizzling Beauty" starting on page 18. Our reporter, Francesca Moisin, gives a rundown of the current, spring/summer 2019 beauty trends–from bouffant dos to jelly nails–straight from fashion runways and red carpets. It will give you an idea of what your customers may be looking for. We've got much more for you too, including a bit of fun with the return of our beauty crossword puzzle (p.40). In the spirit of wellness, relax, sit back and enjoy! ■ Editor's Note Kim Henderson, Executive Editor Beauty From Within Wellness has infiltrated beauty with such a force that it has created entirely new categories.

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