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JUN 2019

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Page 44 of 51 | June 2019 43 nectar exclusively from Manuka tree blossoms, which are found in New Zealand and Australia. Other factors, such as pesticides, can affect the quality of honey as well. "It is important to use organic honey in skin care because honey is concentrated flower nectar," Maxfield says. "Certified organic ensures that the end user does not get a concentration of insecticides and artificial substances prevalent in nonorganic farming." Honey is prized for its longevity and stability, whereas some natural ingredients may spoil quickly. "Honey is one of nature's best preser- vatives," Maxfield says. "Three-thousand-year-old honey has been discovered in edible condition, so products containing honey may have a preservative edge." Of course, the best way to determine a product's shelf-life is to follow the manufacturer's instructions. "How much honey is used and how it is combined with the other ingredients in the product will make the difference on its stability and shelf life," Maxfied says. A Familiar Remedy Whether you stock luxury honey-based lines packaged in rich golden tones or more whimsical options featuring yellow and black cartoon bees, it is easy to create an eye-catching themed display to draw your customers' attention. Another advantage to stocking honey-based products is that many customers will already be familiar with this ingredient's naturally soothing qualities. A customer who routinely uses honey to calm an irritated throat, for example, will likely be open to trying a honey-based product to address a skin concern. Your staff should also introduce customers to the healing powers of other bee byproducts, such as royal jelly, propolis and beeswax, which also help nourish and repair the skin. "All of these ingredients blended together are a powerful combination to nourish, heal, strengthen, soothe and hydrate–enhancing your skin's natural glow," Maxfield says. ■ Ann H. Carlson is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor. purefocus/ Manuka tree blossom. ✔ Grow Your Network ✔ Promote Your Business ✔ Get More Sales Leads ✔ Share Content ✔ Give Us Your Feedback ✔ Discover & Post Job Opportunities Engage with our social sites to . . . GET SOCIAL WITH US! #beautystorebusiness

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