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JUN 2019

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C R A Z Y C O L O R 30 June 2019 | The base formula has remained sacrosanct for more than 40 years, but three additional ingredients have been added to appeal especially to U.S.-based stylists. "Sunflower seed oil penetrates deeply into hair shafts for increased hydration, raspberry seed oil absorbs UV rays to fight color fade and avocado oil helps seal cuticles and prevent breakage," Daly explains. Social media is likewise playing a prominent role in Crazy Color's Get-Noticed campaign. "I'm a high-level online stalker," jokes Daly. "I first research and identify those influencers currently making the most impact, then work closely with experts and distributors who are willing to help us push industry boundaries." This is a brand that honors diversity and celebrates eccentricity–that's been true from the jump. "We're massive supporters of subcultures, including drag queens, club kids, avant-garde makeup artists, members of the trans community and more," continues Daly. That said, neo-punk styles do look slightly different on this side of the pond. "In Britain, it's more about bright pops of color on angular cuts with sharp fringes or razor edges," says Daly. "Here in the States, current top looks tend toward beachy waves and pastel colors." What's old always becomes what's new again. It seems the time may just be right for Crazy Color's brighter hues matched with edgier cuts here in the U.S. In the end, it comes down to celebrating differences and continuously innovating for future success. "Because America is substantially bigger than the United Kingdom both in terms of land mass and the size of the beauty market, our main challenge centers around finding new strategies to reach this larger audience," says Daly. "By working with those social media influencers currently making the most impact and distributors who are willing to push boundaries, I believe Crazy Color can reach the same No. 1 status it holds in the U.K." ■ @isthatpat @cythialumzy @masterpiecehair @jessicaphillips_hair GET CONNECTED! @crazycolor @mikeyferrerjr @sydneyannlopezhair @seagreenehair TOP U.S. INFLUENCERS HELPING TO SPREAD C R A Z Y C O L O R JOY JUMBO28 JUMBO13 16" x 28" and 13" x 13" 800 627 5839 p @crazycolorltd

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