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JUN 2019

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20 June 2019 | Cheek & Bronzer Duo boasts a pale flush blush that's on trend with Pantone's "Color of the Year," Living Coral. Artistry is also showing its face with intense shapes created using eyeliner. Graphic makeup fans found their niche at Christian Dior's Paris shows, where black lines shot out from eye corners to graze the tips of temples. "Metallic and bright liners are also being worn in interesting ways, sometimes above the crease or under eyes," Phillip says. The bolder the better, according to Baker. "Such daring expressions invite us to play with makeup in ways that result in new, revolutionary looks," the pro muses. Nineties nostalgia is alive here too, with swipes of underliner ranging from sleek and classy to brashly grunge. Perhaps as compensation, skin is staying dewy. Natural, fresh-scrubbed faces were seen at Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney shows. "Summer is the time to celebrate being outside, and current trends reflect this by highlighting clean, easy-breezy skin," Baker says. Makeup contests are likewise trending. #100DaysOfMakeupChallenge does as the name suggests–participants are invited to showcase a unique look each day for over three months. "The #BratzChallenge went viral, prompting makeup artists to transform into Bratz dolls using cosmetics," Armstrong says. Even 19-year-old makeup maven James Charles (@jamescharles) got swept into the hype, suggesting there's no limit to our appetite for fantasy. With a name that's reminiscent of another well-known doll, rapper Bhad Bhabie (@bhadbhabie), aka Danielle Bregoli, is generating buzz by selling dupes of popular cosmetics products for a fraction of the cost via her company, CopyCat Beauty. "This move has been received in many different ways–but reviewed consistently by all the biggest industry influencers," Armstrong notes. NAILING IT When it comes to nails, quick is in. "Everyone is buzzing about Aprés (@apresnailofficial), the new way to apply a full set of gel enhancements in under 20 minutes," says Julie Kandalec, New York City-based celebrity manicurist and founder of Masterclass Nail Academy. "It's been especially exciting for nail pros like myself, as celebs often don't have an hour or more to sit for a full set of sculpted nails." Soft gel extensions soak off after three weeks and–no surprise–the brand features a '90s-inspired Airbrush collection. From gels to jelly, the au courant mani style is like sporting ten juicy candy pieces on the tips of fingers. Kylie Jenner's pink jelly nails recently garnered over 4 million Instagram likes. "LA-based nail influencer Chaun P. (@chaunlegend) is a great example of an artist responsible for creating and furthering this trend," Armstrong says. Big, bold shades such as neons and wild patterns such as animal prints are among summer's hottest. "I love Chanel's new neon Le Vernis collection, especially 'Techno Bloom,' which is an eye-popping shade of pink," Kandalec says. Look also for OPI Tokyo collection, particularly "Tempura-ture is Rising" (orange) and Morgan Taylor's "Anime-zing Color" (purple). Glitter is sticking like–well, glitter. At Kate Spade's spring/summer 2019 shows, models' nails were left mainly nude, then dusted in a light kiss of sparkles to honor the late designer and one of her most famous quotes, "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." When it comes to shape, pointy stilettos are out. "Dramatic coffin nails are being seen less too," Kandalec says. Instead, almond and narrow squares are trending. Nail art, on the other hand, seems here to stay. "I'm seeing two sides of the spectrum," Kandalec says. The first is familiar: wild, bold, graphic. But in Korea and Japan, a new form of expression is on the rise. "Using crushed shells, hand-bent wire, miniature dried flowers often arranged in a bouquet and tiny flecks of gold bullion, we're witnessing among the most delicate nail art ever created," the expert marvels. Check out Mina (@mina37xx) for examples, and get Halle Butler (@hallebnails), Meagen Knight (@tinybrushes) and Harli G (@nailsbyharlig) on your radar as groundbreaking talon masters. ■ Francesca Moisin is a beauty and haircare writer based in Somerville, MA. Bouff ant hairdo at Marc Jacobs, Spring 2019. Kylie Jenner's pink jelly nails garnered over 4 million likes on Instagram. From le : Slaven Vlasic/, @kyliecosmetics

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