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JUN 2019

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14 June 2019 | We are really strong in connecting a complex message in a simple way. You have to focus on certain pieces of information for consumers to understand quickly. If you absolutely had to choose, what are the most essential beauty/wellness supplements to take? Of course, it varies for each individual. However, if your digestion is off, you have to fix that first. If you have digestive issues, you are not going to absorb nutrients properly from your food and may be more prone to inflammation. Work on the digestion first. Balance it out. Start with a cleanse maybe, then nourish your digestion with probiotics. Then build upon that. If you have dry skin, I'd add healthy fats to that. If you break out, I would use fish oil because it helps reduce inflammation. If there really is one starting point, forget about multivitamins, start with digestion. What do you see for the wellness/beauty movement this year? Trends? A particular supplement? We are not so much interested in ingredient trends; we are more interested in the science. We ask, 'How can we deliver results to the consumer?' When it comes to research, probiotics is a key focus. The microbiome is the most fascinating piece that's being linked directly to skin health. HUM Nutrition was actually the only brand invited by Harvard University to its Microbiome Symposium. We are doing so much work in this space. It's really our area of focus and expertise. Are HUM Nutrition's products sold only in the beauty space? Yes, we focus on retailers in prestige beauty. That's our space. We prefer retailers that deliver great content and education to their user base. Ultimately, what is HUM Nutrition aiming to achieve? Beauty truly from the inside out moves the needle. It adds confidence and spreads so much positivity. We are always getting letters from consumers saying things like, 'Thank you,' 'It really changed my life' and 'I feel so much better about myself.' While there's a side to this industry that's about vanity and appearance, we are talking about true beauty. We are about empowering the end user who then takes that confidence to conquer the world. So, our mission is to make people look and feel great from the inside out. The two are connected. If one lacks confidence and seeks out plastic surgery, they'll never be happy. If you work on the inside and feel good from the inside out, it makes a huge difference. ■ "If there really is one starting point , forget about multivitamins, start with digestion ."

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