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JUN 2019

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12 June 2019 | Courtesy of HUM Nutrition Beauty Store Business met with Walter Faulstroh, CEO of HUM Nutrition, at Cosmetic Executive Women's "Wellness in the Beauty Space" in March. One of the evening's panelists, Faulstroh shared that contrary to what most marketers believe, ingestibles are selling well all across the country–not just in coastal regions and major metropolitan areas. That's good news for all beauty retailers. Here's the story of HUM's origins. Beauty Store Business: What inspired you to start HUM Nutrition? Walter Faulstroh: The company was born out of a personal need. I suffered from adult acne for many, many years. My dermatologist put me on a strong drug, which effectively stopped the breakouts. But about six to 12 months later, after I'd go off the drug, the breakouts would come back and my doctor would put me back on it. After a few rounds of this, it occurred to me that there might be another alternative out there. I was just lucky I worked for a company called V Water that I founded as well. We made vitamin water. For one of our formulas, I worked with a forward-thinking nutritionist named Gudrun Jonsson who wrote about the gut-skin connection in the '90s, before it was understood like it is today. Gudrun took a more holistic approach. She said, "Let's look at your diet, your lifestyle and let's see what kind of supplements you are taking." I cut out sugar as I had too much of it in my diet, and it tends to create inflammation. She recommended certain cleansing herbs to help my liver. And she also told me to include healthy fats in my diet. The results didn't come overnight, but slowly and surely, my skin got better. Until then, I had not made that connection between skin health and my digestion, to be honest. And I thought, maybe there are other people out there like me. That's when the idea for HUM Nutrition was born. You say it takes time to see results. How long did it take to address your skin issues nutritionally? Once I started adjusting my diet, I would say it took about 4-6 weeks for the inflammation to stop. Then my skin began healing from the inside out. It was gentler. My digestion and gut balanced out. And now I have both great skin and healthy digestion! To the thousands of beauty retailers that read our publication, what message about ingestibles do you have for them? It's an exciting and emerging category for many beauty retailers. Traditionally, beauty was considered something topical, something on the outside, which makes sense. You get very quick results by putting on makeup or using a particular topical treatment. But it's new to connect the dots between our insides and our outsides. Having said that, today's consumers understand there's a connection. In fact, there's a huge appetite for beauty not just from a topical point of view, but from an ingestible point of view. Consumers are asking, 'What are the nutrients I should take to improve my skin health and my hair?' Nutrition has moved from a focus on weight to a focus on overall beauty. How does a retailer help consumers get results with ingestibles? First, find a good brand to partner with–one that carefully selects its ingredients and is very transparent about its formulas. The second piece is client education. For somebody who expects overnight results, there are obviously supplements for sleep that work very quickly, and there are probiotics that work for digestion very quickly as well. But if you want skin benefits, it takes longer. Education is really key to have a client be successful with a product. Does HUM Nutrition provide education for the retailers you work with? Yes, very much so. We started with education first and retailing second. We built an online platform for consumers to get one-on-one consultations with a nutritionist for free to discover their concerns and what nutritional solutions will really help them achieve their beauty and health goals. We obviously cannot translate that 100 percent to a retail environment, but we do provide dedicated content to retailers to educate their audience. BEAUTY FROM WITHIN Q&A With Walter Faulstroh, CEO, HUM Nutrition "It's new to connect the dots between our insides and our outsides ."

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