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MAY 2019

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38 May 2019 | Executive Q&A C ontours Rx founder, Britain Todd aims to empower consumers that seek an eyelid pick-me-up with Lids by Design eyelid correcting strips. In order to bypass the anxiety that comes with surgery and the qualifications it requires, Todd created a brand that can aid eyelid issues, in a non-invasive way. Beauty Store Business: How did your personal experiences help inspire you to create Lids By Design instant eyelid correcting strips? Todd: I relate heart and soul to the issues that Lids By Design resolves. I remember being in my early 30s and even then feeling the weight of my eyelids making me look tired, aged and even impacting my vision. I wasn't prepared to have surgery at the time and couldn't find a non-invasive solution on the market. Lids By Design was certainly a product of that need: to have a temporary and safe solution for heavy, hooded eyelids. Can you tell us how you teamed up with doctors such as Dr. Paul Nassif to get the brand up and running? Contours Rx, and Lids By Design specifically, got its start in the medical world, because many surgeons were seeing the benefit of using it as a tool to show their clients before and after results prior to committing to surgery. Alternatively, they were able to give their patients a temporary, medical-grade solution if they were not ready for surgery. Dr. Paul Nassif was able to witness the power of these transformations in person at the HSN studios, and we quickly became friends with a common mission to help those struggling with this issue. He continues to carry the line in his Beverly Hills office, and we are still very proud to be available in many plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon and ophthalmologists' offices across the country in addition to beauty retailers. Who is the Contours Rx customer? What I love so much about Contours Rx is that we serve such a wide variety of men and women who come to us for non-surgical cosmetic solutions. From the gentleman who has lost his peripheral vision due to sagging eyelids, to the 20 year old looking to have a more dramatic eyelid for a fun cat-eye liner, we are here. We have seen clients benefit from our products to help with their asymmetrical eyelids, loss of motor function due to Bell's Palsy or stroke, and even for a simple confidence boost when it's too early for surgery or if they are opposed to surgery altogether. Why is it important for consumers to seek safe alternatives to correct hooded eyelids rather than look to more drastic measures like surgery? There is nothing inherently wrong with having eyelid surgery, and we are not trying to compete with it. When people are not ready for surgery, have never wanted it, or do not qualify, then Contours Rx can offer those individuals a safe alternative. Even for those who know they want the surgery, we are able to offer that individual a way to try different looks and have a more informed conversation with their surgeon about what they are wanting. It's a win-win all around! When did you introduce tools, such as the primer and tweezers, into the line, and how has the reception been from customers? All of our complimentary products have been a direct response to our Britain Todd Contours Rx creates safe alternatives to eyelid surgery. Courtesy of Contours Rx Lids By Design

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