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MAY 2019

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2 May 2019 | I remember at age 26 (a long time ago), I was very focused on personal growth. Driving home one particular day, an idea popped into my head: "The only safety is in risking." It was my young mind grappling with the reality that life is dynamic, requiring risk-taking and change on a fairly regular basis. Does that mean I jump out of airplanes? No, but I do figuratively. If I don't, I risk a kind of slow-death malaise within. Business is the same. It needs regular tending and measured risk-taking to stay healthy and strong. Today, technology is driving business to change and evolve faster than ever before. Inspired, in part, by the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, we have an exciting story titled "Top 4 Technology Innovations in Beauty" (p. 32). Be sure to catch it! Even if you don't implement any of the technology, it's important to stay tuned into how tech is intersecting with beauty, making it more accessible and convenient to consumers. At the Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles, we spotted an emerging market: Feminine care or "femcare." Of course, the feminine care market is well-established (Allied Market Research estimates it will be worth $43 billion by 2022), but femcare intersecting with beauty is entirely new. In the post #MeToo era of inclusivity and equality, women are no longer apologizing for or hiding their feminine needs. Beauty is responding with a wide variety of unique, new femcare products that you can add to your offerings. Catch the story starting on page 20. It's funny, but when things do change so rapidly, it is exceedingly comforting to find that some things stay the same. When it comes to beauty tools, superior quality and craftsmanship can and do stand the test of time. This definitely characterizes Denman and the brand's legendary hair brushes. A family-owned company, we are thrilled to feature Denman's John Rainey and Victoria Rainey Fishman on our cover this month. What began with a remarkable brush created by John Denman Dean in 1938, was taken over by the Raineys in 1972. The father-daughter duo share their insights about their thriving, global business as does the brand's personable and accomplished global creative director, Paul Stafford. It's clear that baked into Denman's success is its refusal to compromise quality (resisting change) while also staying on the vanguard of hair styling and what stylists need (embracing change). There's only one Denman! The story starts on page 22. Last, we were thrilled to meet Erin Cotter, senior vice president of beauty at Goop at Cosmetic Executive Women's recent event, "Wellness in the Beauty Space." Goop has largely led the merging of wellness and beauty. Don't miss our exclusive Q&A with Cotter on page 8. Be brave! ■ Editor's Note Kim Henderson, Executive Editor Business Favors the Brave "In the post #MeToo era of inclusivity and equality, women are no longer apologizing for or hiding their feminine needs."

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