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MAY 2019

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Page 26 of 51 | May 2019 25 said, 'Use this–it won't make you a great hairdresser, but it will help.'" A decade later, Stafford was living his dream, traveling the world as a Denman ambassador, demonstrating its newest innovations and reintroducing traditional tools to a new generation of hairdressers–and he hasn't looked back. Now, as global creative director, he loves unveiling the Denman brand to old friends and new fans at industry events worldwide. "The Denman family is always willing and eager to listen to customers and take ideas or suggestions on improving the products, or developing new ones," Stafford says proudly. "They know that it's the hair professional who understands the changing trends and the need for tools to help deliver new looks. The brand continues to evolve and develop tools that speed up the drying process, help maintain hair condition, and are suitable for the world's wide and diverse hair types." Stafford adds that the "sheer quality of the caliber of the Denman brand" ensures that today, more than ever, hairstylists everywhere employ the brushes at shows, shoots, film sets and at every Fashion Week. In turn, Denman's commitment to the global hairdressing industry is evident in its involvement in leading trade bodies and organizations, as well as through support of educational programs that encourage and assist young stylists. "Like all great designs, Denman products are simple, effective, and created first and foremost for the user," Stafford concludes. "Denman doesn't create gimmicks, but usable tools with a distinct purpose. Like all great designs, they have been copied and emulated many times—but there is only one original." ■ Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. GET CONNECTED! @denmanbrush denmanbrush Paul Staff ord styles Kamila Irobi with a D17 Curl Tamer Comb. 80 YEARS WITH DENMAN 1938 John Denman Dean (Jack Dean) creates the original Denman brush. 1946 Denman begins making brushes with nylon. 1972 After purchasing the business, the Rainey family opens a London office. 1980s Denman experiences rapid growth across the Asian market. 2005 Denman acquires Comby of London, increasing pro tool portfolio by 1,200 + products. 2013 Denman celebrates their 75th anniversary. 2018 Denman celebrates 80 years of styling hair around the world. 1966 Denman and its manufac- turing move to Northern Ireland after Dean sells the business to Lyndsay and Williams. 1979 With global demand increasing, the Rainey's open second manufacturing plant in Bangor, Northern Ireland. 1990 Denman Inc. opens in Boston, MA to serve growing U.S. market. 2010 Denman launches Jack Dean men's grooming line. 2014 Denman purchases the Bobby Company, further growing pro tool offerings.

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