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24 May 2019 | durability and performance led to keeping manufacturing in the U.K., despite lower operating costs overseas. "We make brushes that last, and we work diligently to exceed customers' expectations," Rainey notes. "Any change we make to our brushes follows lengthy debate and testing–and we will only do it if we can prove the product performance is improved." In a fast-changing world, with pros constantly adopting new tools and techniques, Denman continues to invest in brand marketing and innovation–introducing a healthy batch of new products alongside promoting great respect for the legendary Styling Brushes. "Our people and their continued curiosity are important to us," Fishman says. "We need to keep listening to the needs of our users and customers. We can never lose that drive." In fact, when the company celebrated 80 years in 2018, execs took part in a series of workshops to examine what makes the company what it is, and what values are important to its culture, then evaluated its vision and mission statement. "Companies spend a lot of time and money reaffirming their brand and values externally, but it's even more important to do this internally," Rainey notes. "Sometimes the day-to-day can knock you off course, or you lose sight of why we come to work each day. We spent a lot of time working on a document that spoke to the head, heart and gut." The company ultimately defined its purpose as "Hair Brilliance," with the mission to "Make Hair Brilliant." Values and keywords that have persisted over the last 80 years, they found, were: trusted performance, transformative, collaborative, confidence-building and accessible–while central to running the family business were the traits of decency, honesty and generosity. "Being a family business has enabled us to make decisions that are right for the long-term health of the brand, the business and the people," Rainey explains. "We do not have to report to the city or the whim of institutional shareholders. We do not have to chase short-term volume that may, in the longer term, cripple the brand. Being a family business has ultimately afforded us the luxury of time and strategic thinking." THE DENMAN DISTINCTION Rainey believes that Denman's commitment to quality and innovation differentiates its products. Thanks to maintaining control of production, the team can inspect its products religiously, while also investing in top-notch equipment, tooling and people. Meanwhile, at the U.S. outpost in Boston, Victoria Rainey Fishman notes that the company works closely with customers and stylists to provide the perfect products. "With styles and trends changing rapidly, we have to move quickly with the times also," she says. "It's important not to assume what our customers need, but to identify what they actually need and to maintain the interaction with our customers and end users. When you call our office, you will speak with a real person!" Though Fishman credits the company's amazing longevity to its strong partnerships and a willingness to learn, change and adapt to the ever-changing needs of hairdressers and consumers, it also presents the company's biggest challenge: to maintain this commitment to evolve in today's supercharged world. "Every day, there's some new social tool or online customer, and it can feel like you're playing the largest and longest game of whack-a-mole," Fishman laughs. "We must keep true to what makes us Denman. The media that people consume, or the way they shop, may change, but ultimately they're seeking a product that does the job it says it does. We need to ensure that we stay true to our proposition, innovate where appropriate and protect our brand for future generations. We're working hard to ensure the brand not just celebrates its 100th birthday, but hopefully its 800th!" Paul Stafford, Belfast-based global creative director for Denman, is a key figure in making that innovation happen–a journey that started while he was a young stylist in the early '80s. "My first mentor was an avid advocate of the classic Denman D3," he recalls. "He snatched my round brush out of my hands, handed me his trusty Denman 7 Row and The Denman family is always willing and eager to listen to customers and take ideas or suggestions on improving the products, or developing new ones." —Paul Stafford, Denman's Global Creative Director BRUSH BASICS Want to ramp up your brush sales? Follow these tips from Boston-based Victoria Rainey Fishman, CEO of Denman Inc. 1. Listen to your customers. There is no one brush that meets the needs of everyone. 2. You need to consider many factors–hairstyle, hair type, skill level, available time–when making product recommendations. 3. Look out for the magic words. For us, we look at brushes' three key attributes: control, speed and comfort. 4. Ideally, there should be the perfect brush for everyone, but that may not exist. Understand where your customer is prepared to make their trade-off. NEW LAUNCHES FROM DENMAN The D93 Tangle Tamer Gentle is a fusion of the detangling power of the Tangle Tamer Ultra and Denman's "soft-brush" technology. The D93 Tangle Tamer Gentle has a comfortable, sure-grip handle that provides "tug-free" detangling for fine or medium hair–wet or dry. Available in four colors. The newest version of Denman's D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra (shown in violet) gently tackles tough, medium-to-thick hair tangles. For use on wet or dry hair, it features a sure-grip handle and is available in six colors.

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