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FEB 2019

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Editor's Note 4 February 2019 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor A fire of change and disruption has burned through the beauty industry in recent years. Green Opportunities I t's holiday time as we go to press. And while much of the country experiences snow this time of year, we are very happy here in California to have had a bit of rain. After driving into work on the 101 Freeway over the last month, passing blackened, charred hills destroyed by November's fire, the new bits of green that have already appeared are a hopeful development. It reminds me that even when loss occurs, immediately following, new life begins. Life keeps on happening. At Cosmoprof North America 2018, Peter Sheahan, group CEO of Karrikins and the keynote speaker at the PBA breakfast, touched on this idea, but in a business context. He framed the changes happening in our industry as losses of sorts…the ending of an old way of doing business. Yet, he really honed in on the fact that new opportunities present themselves at these important moments…and capitalizing on them by creating something new could take a business to a whole new level. He called it "opportunities during change and disruption." Sheahan mentioned that when Domino's stock and business were at a low in 2010, a new CEO named J. Patrick Doyle came in. Doyle admitted business was down and the pizza was awful. He then decided the company was no longer a food company, but a technology company instead, and he focused on improving the food and technological efficiency. In a remarkable turnaround, it experienced a 14.3 percent quarterly gain! You'll hear this notion echoed in the voices of the top manufacturer reps that shared their goals and predictions for the year ahead Bp. 12C. Nearly all of them mention change…getting ahead of it or adapting to it. Also this month, we feature legendary retailer Ron Robinson on our cover. He has been retailing successfully in Los Angeles for more than 40 years. Robinson reveals time-tested retailing wisdom in our cover story Bp. 18C, including evolving with the times. I often hear, "Don't be afraid of technology, go towards it." In that spirit, we've got an important story for you on 5G Bp. 34C. This new, faster technology will truly transform the way we communicate and the way beauty retailers conduct business. Explore how you can use this faster technology to optimize your business. And to get 2019 going, we have lots of hot products this month, too! From hair accessories Bp. 8C to dry shampoos Bp. 14C to cutting-edge blowdryers Bp. 26C and inclusive, genderless beauty products Bp. 38C, we've got you covered. Certainly, a fire of change and disruption has burned through the beauty industry in recent years. May 2019 provide us all with a fresh opportunity to reimagine our businesses! ■

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