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JAN 2019

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12 January 2019 | Makkuro_GL/iStock/Getty Images Plus Expert tips from these lighting designers and manufacturers can help your customers see your beauty store in a whole new way. By Jody Pamela Miller ight: We can't do without it, but we so often take it for granted. Up until not so long ago, it was simply a bare necessity that made buying and selling possible. But the world of retail lighting is more complex than that–and much more interesting. With lessons from the experts in hand, you can harness the power of light in your store to provoke a visceral reaction that directly impacts consumer-buying behavior. "I believe lighting is the single greatest factor that affects the consumer," says Drew Miller, an associate member of the American Institute of Architects who works at Spacesmith. Lighting designers such as Miller are keenly aware that store lighting can trigger an emotional response faster than the brain can identify. It can transform our mood positively or negatively, shaping our decision to remain in a store or head for the exit. However, due to the subconscious nature of this reaction, buyer surveys rarely report lighting as a factor in their decision to make a purchase. While lighting is only one element of a store's overall environment and branding, strategic use can have a tremendous impact on the store's success and bottom line. Lighting Success

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