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DEC 2018

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Editor's Note 4 December 2018 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor During this high season o retailing, you have a rare opportunity to make a lasting impression on the new and existing customers that visit your store. Be ready or them! Best-Sellers and Best Holiday Strategies hen this issue drops, the holidays will be upon us and the year will be drawing to a close. It's no surprise then that this •inal issue o• 2018 is •ocused on leveraging the holiday shopping season •or maximum pro•it and re•lecting back on some o• the best-selling products o• the year. To start, catch the year's best-sellers •rom your •avorite brands (p. 24). They may surprise you, and it's a great reality check on what customers are buying. Additionally, our article "Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers" (p. 10) is a must-read. During this high season o• retailing, you have a rare opportunity to make a lasting impression on the new and existing customers that visit your store. Be ready •or them! A report •rom the National Retail Federation •ound that 87 percent o• customers share their positive retail experiences. How do you create an impact•ul in-store experience? Experts say that in addition to unparalleled customer service and a curated selection o• o••erings, stores need to get sensual. In other words, your store needs to appeal to all o• the senses–the eyes, with gorgeous displays and pleasant lighting; the ears with just the right music; the ol•actory senses with essential oils or •ragrance; and touch, with plenty o• testers and areas •or customers to sample your beauty o••erings. See our story "Sense Appeal" (p. 42) to learn more. O• course, a retail experience is also heavily in•luenced by the sales associates on the •loor, who engage customers and help them •ind what they need. To ensure you have the very best talent working •or you, catch our story "Hire Ground" (p. 48) to learn how success•ul beauty stores recruit and retain top sales talent. Your sta•• is your greatest asset. A•ter all, they make the important, in-person, human connection with your customers–a true advantage over online shopping. Speaking o• online shopping, one o• our most important stories addresses how beauty retailers can •irmly hold a share o• the market despite Amazon. Experts weigh in on how to di••erentiate your retail brand and become a resource •or local customers who crave the in-store experience. "Retailing in the Age o• Amazon" (p. 14) highlights the areas where in-store beauty retailing truly shines. And to wrap up the year, this month we •eature Jin Choi o• Izutech on our cover! Choi is unique in that he brings a design perspective to his business–yet he also believes that his strong industry relationships are at the core o• his success. He is a leader who possesses that rare combination o• introversion, which allows him to per•ect designs and pair them with superior technology, and extroversion, which allows him to genuinely connect with others and •orm lasting business relationships. Hardworking and bright, Choi shares many insights that will inspire you (p. 18)! Q CORRECTION: On p. 28 o our November issue we misquoted Jerey Davidson stating "3,000 to 4, 000" hairdressers use the WetBrush every day. The correct igure is "300,000 to 400,000." We regret the error.

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